Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ok Blogger is not quite cooperating...more halloween pics to come tomorrow!! We had a large group of friends come over tonight and we had a great time!! Thanks everyone for coming over!!

Trick or Treat

After eating at the house with everyone we went Trick or Treating. The girls could actually say Trick or Treat but when put to the test they froze!! Oh well...there is always next year!

AWWWWWW It's over with

At the end of the night Abigail was still ready to keep going...Amelia on the other hand was ready for bed. She was telling me Night Night..YES!!

Hope you all had a WONERFUL HALLOWEEN!

Happy Halloween

Off to school we go..............

Trick or Treat
Sweet as candy!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Amelia's Fall Pictures

I finally got to take some fall pictures of my own kiddos. Here are a few of each of them by themselves. I will post the one's of them together soon!

Abigail's Fall Pictures

Sunday, October 22, 2006

This is what I came home to.......

Two girls in their shirt and underware in the front yard!!!!

Abigail showing me her belly button.
Here's the mail mom!

Happy Brithday....

Cecila, Caroline, and William.
They are our friends that are triplets and their 2nd Bday party was at the Bounce house in Old Mandeville on Sat. The girls had so much fun running around and playing in the space walks!!

Kendal's in town!!!!!!

YEAH Kendal is here!!! The girls were so excited to go play with Kendal for an hour the other night. Kendal would tell Abigail what to do and she would do it!! It was pretty funny. Amelia on the other hand was fighting with Kendal over every toy! It was pretty funny. They had a great time playing together and I know we are going to have a blast this next week!

Kendal told Abigail to sit in the white chair and she did!

Sharing snacks.
Our three Amigos!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lil's Country Critters

A couple of weeks ago (yeah I know I am way behind! Sorry my photography business is better than I could have EVER dreamed!) we went to Lil's Country Critters with play group and the parenting center. The girls LOVED feeding all the animals and playing with all their friends!!

Abigail, Amelia and Conner Bourg on the hay ride.

Abigail loved playing on the cow!

I hardly ever can catch them in the same shot anymore!

Conner had a great time too! I am so glad that Christy, Collins and Conner live here now and come play with us at play group! Our play group is growing weekly, and we love it!!!

Abigail picked out her pumpkin!

Amelia loved feeding the goats.
Abigail loved this pig! Not sure why --- there was a ton of real animals everywhere!!
Abigail and Conner feeding the ducks.
Check out Amelia's face and the goat behind her. He kept trying to eat her bow!

Abigail feeding the rabbits.

This face tells it all ---- they loved being at Lil's Country Critters!

Thanks Me Me and Paw Paw

Me Me and Paw Paw gave us our Christmas present early this year. They gave us a family pass to the zoo and aquarium! The girls LOVED the zoo! We went a couple of weeks ago, and we will be going back quite often!!! I didn't take too many pics (I know that's suprising!) But they LOVED the carousel soooo much you will see in the next post........