Sunday, April 30, 2006

Twin Swings

Since I just posted a whole bunch of the girls swinging from yesterday I decided to do todays all in black and white. I love black and white pictures and have most of mine printed that way!
The girls really laughed when they got to swing at the same time. They had a great time!!! They are too cute swinging. I can't believe they are big enough to be in swings!!!!

Both of the girls swinging.Amelia

Silly Abigail

Look at that face... I am not quite sure what she was doing...but it's a cute face!

I can hear her laughing when I look at this picture!
Daddy swinging both of the girls-- YEAH!!! It's going to be so much fun to play in the back yard this summer!!!
Amelia was waving to dad telling him Hi in this picture
Those of you who know me well know I adore the foot shot...this one is Abigail's feet. She has been crossing her legs like this all the time now!

Just a Swinging......

I bought us a swing at the repeat store here for the girls for $10.00! Brian built a frame large enough to put two swings on yesterday. I LOVE being married to a handy man! Thank you Brian the girls are going to love spending hours out in the backyard swinging this summer.
Even though the wind was blowing like crazy here we just had to let them try the swing out. They LOVED it. We went and bought a second swing at walmart today and are going to let them both swing at the same time here in a few minutes. I am sure I will have more pics to post after that!

Here is Brian with his new product finished in just one afternoon!!!

She couldn't quit laughing and the wind was blowing her hair like crazy!

Sweet Abigail.
She loved it when you would grab her feet!
Hanging on....
Gotta love a smile like that...teethless and all!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

First time Snowball eaters!

We took the girls to get snoballs for the first time yesterday. Of course it was maily for us, but they got to try them and liked them!

Amelia liked them.. she kept going yummm... she then wouldn't eat anymore so I think she got brainfreeze!

Abigail looked really annoyed in these pictures. She really was having a good time. She just likes to act like she isn't when I pull my camera out!

This is a GREAT snoball place in Abita on Hwy 59. Especially if you have kids and can handle all the other wild kids there. It has a huge fenced in area and tons of things for the kids to play with. Didn't stop one kid from coming and snatching one of the girls books. (Yes I got it back...of course the mom wasn't paying even a little bit of attention to what he was doing!)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thanks Shannon, Ross, and Kendal

The girls love their new sports sipsters! Abigail had a blast walking around with it all afternoon. She would get so upset when she would drop it. She was too funny with it. Amelia was SOAKED by the time she was done playing with hers!

Walking to her bedroom.
Coming out of the bedroom.
In the bedroom.
She did this 3 or 4 times...just walking back and forth carry the sipster and talking.

Look at the top of Amelia's shirt.

Brian also says Thanks for the beer ya'll sent!! He will enjoy it soon!


The girls LOVE carrying around cards now. I found a Christmas card with someone's new address in it the other day in my address book. I set it on the coffee table after I updated the address in my address book. Now the girls LOVE looking at it and carrying it around. Now they LOVE the Thank You note from Emerson... Abigail carried it around half of the day today!!!

Amelia's new trick

I have poured water straight over the girls heads since they were born. I was always a fish as a kid, and was never afraid of the water. I REALLY wanted them to love the water as much as I do.
Last night Amelia figured out she could pour the water over her head herself. She would pour most of it out before she got to her head, but she thought she was hilarious!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thanks Angela and Mick

Thanks Angela and Mick...this is the outfit I bought with the gift card you sent. That really was TOO sweet of the both of you.
The girls look ADORABLE in these dresses...
We Love and Miss you two!

Shoe Obsession

Okay maybe we all like shoes a little too much. Of course just to look at not to wear. I have always loved not wearing shoes, but also love buying new shoes. The girls have a TON of shoes. Most of them have been bought by Nana! (Thanks again Nana!)
Well today I walked into their room and caught them in the act of pulling out the shoes. I sat there and watched them and this is what happened.........

What mom? I am not doing anything!

REALLY we aren't doing anything!

Look more shoes in the basket.

Abigail had even walked some out to the living room!! Things are going to get REAL crazy around here quick when they are both walking!

Hopefully I can teach them to help put the shoes BACK in the basket soon! Maybe that is wishful thinking!

Play Group Wednesday

Today was play group. We met at our house today and had a GREAT time. EVERYONE came. Michele joined us again this week and we can't wait for her baby to join us sometime after he/she is born in August. Come again next week Michele. We enjoy your company. Maybe next time she will let us take a pic of her cute belly! :)

Luke is growing soo fast.... isn't he a cutie!!!!
Love that Aligator outfit..he must be a Louisana boy!

Amelia having fun playing. She LOVED Luke today... she loves babies. She even said the word baby when we were showing her pictures of Luke.

Amelia and Abigail playing with their new house that Brian and I gave them for their birthday. They LOVE it!

Lilly-- such a cutie.... she was very quiet today! Of course compared to my two she will never get a word in!!!

Abigail is a walking machine! She refuses to crawl, and is too busy walking to hardly play with anything. She has gotten VERY good at walking and is practically running!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just like my Momma

The other night I was on the phone with Shannon and I couldn't find Abigail... I then heard her in her room talking away. I go in there and this is what I find.......

Daughter like mother??

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Jordan is a big sister

Cogratulations to Tara and Brian Grissom. They had their baby this morning at 10:48, and it's a BOY!!!!!! Jordan is the proud new sister to Ty Michael. He weighed 7lbs. 5oz, and was 20 inches long! I just got back from the hospital and he is BEAUTIFUL!!! Mom and baby were both doing GREAT!

Picture of Jordan the proud big sister. This was taken at the girls Birthday party!!

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Abigail Month by Month

Here are the pics of Abigail Month by Month!