Friday, August 31, 2007

Saints Party

Ok I am back....
Sorry to those of you waiting patiently for a new post. We've been EXTREMELY busy here!
A couple of weekends ago we went to a Saints BBQ at Hether and Beans house to watch a preseason Saints game. The girls as always had a ton of fun playing with all the kids there. I got a TON of cute pics of everyones kiddos, but as always here is a small amount of the TONS of pictures I took. I am not sure how I manage to come home with over 200 pictures every time I bring my camera with me anywhere!

Love my girls in this one!

Amelia eating ice trying to cool down!

AWW they do love each other will see some other not so sweet pics further down!

Paul and Jack!

Football time!
Go Bella! RUN!

Here are the girls fighting over a bubble wand. We had to break this one up!

Sweet Baby Reese
Here are a couple of really cute ones of Bella........

Abigail playing with a baby doll!

Check out Amelia trying to pry Abigail out of the seat! I can't remember but think we had to get involved this time too!

How beautiful is Conner??
Abigail still says he is her boyfriend!

Thanks Bean and Heather for inviting us over. We had alot of GREAT family fun!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chase turned one

Chase's first birthday was a 2 weekends ago. They had a GREAT first birthday bash including a water slide, pools, Mr. Snoball man, and a swingset. The girls thought they were in heaven! They had a wonderful time playing in all the water!!

Chase the birthday boy enjoying his cake!
Check out my dare devil Abigail.......

Chase blowing out his candle.

Abigail enjoying ice cream.

Baby Luke as the girls still call him.

Check out my dare devil Amelia.......

Check out the dare devil Collins.......

Then he jumped in the pool with the kids.


There was a fan and this is what Amelia was doing. She thought she was a super model.

My sweet Abigail.

Amelia loved watching the bigger girls come down the slide.

What a cutie...Conner! Abigail still ADORES him!

Baby Reese

Cutie Taylor

And one of my monkeys looking for the monkey in the camera!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Mommy is 24 1/2 AGAIN!!!

Today we celebrated my 24 1/2 birthday. For those of you who have known me forever know that I didn't really want to turn 25. Well I am WELL beyond that age now, but it's still fun to celebrate a 24 1/2 birthday!!! So I just stick with it! :) I've had a WONDERFUL day!! We spent the entire day as a family!! Just what I wanted!!!!!

We started off the day sleeping in and then going to The Broken Egg...My FAVORITE place to eat!!!

This afternoon Brian made cupcakes with the girls. Abigail has been VERY concerned about me blowing out candles for my birthday which of course in return means she gets cake!

Yeah Daddy wasn't watching and Amelia decided to put the batter all over the table! :)

Gotta love that smile!!

How hilarious is this one!!

Brian and the girls gave me a couple of sweet little things and then my big gift was pictures of the girls. Of course my absolute favorite thing. I haven't printed pictures of them in soooo long! I've been too consumed with other people's pictures!! Well we printed quite a few and framed them. We have some frames on the wall waiting for pictures that are being ordered soon. :) It's ALOT of pictures of my kids, but they are the best art I could ever pick out!!

Here are a few of the bigger ones we did.

This is what one wall looks like in our living room . That top left doesn't have a picture yet, but will very soon!!

Thanks Brian and my two girls!! I had a GREAT birthday and it's not even over yet!! I couldn't ask for much than what I already have!! (well maybe just a little bigger house :)

You three have given me a GREAT 32 birthday!!! Yes I guess I can admit my "true" age now!

Thank you also to all my amazing friends who called, emailed, and sent cards.

Thanks also Char I LOVE my cookie boquet!!! That was sooo sweet of you!

Off to eat the BEST cupcakes ever! :)