Monday, February 25, 2008

Mommy's Precious Princesses

On the day of the wedding I took some pictures of the girls that morning at The Terrell House. I absolutely LOVED the girls in the dresses. Thanks Ms. did an amazing job!
You will see a ton of pics in color of them in these dresses so I did all of these in black and white. You will see these dresses again this Spring when I can get them out to do a shoot when I am not worried about them getting the dresses dirty.

Such a SWEET moment...

Ballet toes.

Head lock? Maybe they love each other too much.

Another too much love...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

At the Terrell House

Before the bridesmaids luncheon I took some pics of the girls at the Bed and Breakfast that we were staying at. The Bed and Breakfast was the Terrell House (click on Terrell house to see it) on Magazine St. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We had a suite so the girls had their own room with a day bed. They did great sleeping in big girl beds for the first time! They were being pretty silly for the pics, but here are a few cute ones....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bridal luncheon

The bridal luncheon was on Friday afternoon at Muriel's . The food was yummy and for the most part the girls were in their good behavior mode. They are right on Jackson Square so we had a beautiful balcony.

They were loving the horse carriages that were coming by.

Sofie was there too!!! Isn't she beautiful?

Aunt Beth bought the girls the matching dresses. Aren't they cute?

I think Sofie and Amelia started thinking they were models...Abigail looks like she thinks they are crazy!

Starting to get silly.
Sweet pic of Abigail.
The Seiler/Spreen side of the familiy.

The bridal party!
The Spreen girls.
Abigail checking out what was on the menu for lunch-- by the way Thanks Beth so much for geting them the "special" order of chicken nuggets and fries! They all loved it!
Aunt Beth gave them a bag of goodies...they were all loving the boas! SILLY GIRLS!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Aunt Beth and Uncle Aub's wedding

This past weekend we had Aubrey and Beth's wedding.
The girls and Brian were in the wedding. It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding. I took of course a MILLION this might take a couple of days to put even a portion of them on keep checking back.

These are from the rehersal dinner on Valentines day.

Uncle Aub and Aunt Beth!
Amelia was soooooo excited to get to walk down the aisle and be a princess! She kept telling me she needed to walk to her castle!

Abigail was also very excited to be a princess too!

Cousins Sofie was also in the wedding! You can't even begin to imagine how precious all three of them were together this weekend!

This is from the rehersal during a toast from Beth's sister!

After all the toast Amelia kept telling me she wanted to sing on the we let her. She sang When the Saints go Marching in....this was in front of EVERYONE!! Where does she get this from? She usually takes after me, but I have NEVER wanted to sing in front of anyone! Now the SPREENS turn every event into a karokee night! SO she definitely has Spreen in her!

Uncle Aub with the girls.... they gave all the ladies roses -- the rehersal was on valentines day.

Abigail with her godmother.

Silly girls.

The Family.

The old stompin grounds of Hattiesburg!

After we left Brady's party we decided to go eat at La Fiesta Brava-- one of my favs in college. The girls like it too! They love Mexican food!

Then we went by the new sorrority houses hoping to get a tour. A very nice girl took us on a tour of the DG house! BOY are they nice...they are living MUCH nicer than we did! That's ok -- hopefully my two girls will live there one day!

Ready for RUSH!
ANgela your pic is still on the book case!!!!! You don't have any idea how happy it made me feel t see things that were there when we were!!

I finally got a pic of this--- I keep a potty in my car-- can I tell you how many times we use it a week? We are ALWAYS on the go-- we pull over into TONS of parking lots for a pit stop for Abigail! Amelia still could care less....I guess one out of diapers is cheaper than two!

Brady's Bday party

Two weekends ago we went to my godson Brady's birhtday party in Hattiesburg at the old Kips Gymnastics. (not sure of the new name!)
The girls and all the kids there had a BLAST!

The bithday boy!
Amelia eating yummy cake!

They loved this slide into the pit.

Aren't those outfits precious? I LOVED them on them!

The party pic!

Abigail swinging on the rope.

How funny is that?
Amelia in the rope.

Daddy's turn.

Future gymnasts?
Brady sliding on the big slide.

Jumping on the trampoline.

Swinging on the bars.

Happy Brithday Brady! We love you!