Friday, March 31, 2006

Amelia learning too many things in one day!

Amelia was the QUEEN of new things yeaterday!! She learned how to blow kisses.. (she does it on the back of her hand, and makes a sound going MMMMMUh. Hopefully I can get a video of this soon!) She waved Bye- Bye for the first time to Aunt Kelli.(She did the backwards wave to herself!) AND she said Quack Quack when we were playing with the ducks in the bath tub!! I've really been working on the sign for Duck and saying the duck says Quack Quack for a long time now. I just never know when one of them is going to learn something new! It was a CRAZY day of Amelia learning new tricks!

Going to Nana and Pop's house

On Wednesday Brian had to go to the coast for an overnight trip, so the girls and I went and stayed at my parents house. We all had a GREAT time. Brian and I went out to eat with a fellow coworker after the girls went to bed. It was nice to have some adult time. The girls had a good time shopping with Nana and playing outside by the pond.

Nana with the girls sitting on our poor weeping willow. We all LOVED this HUGE willow tree, that didn't quite make it through Katrina.

Abigail and Nana

The girls and Pop.

Abigail not too sure about crawling in the grass!

Pop walking with Amelia.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What's Quackin?

We have these ducks that keep wandering up into our yard. I am not sure where they are from or what they are doing in our neighborhood. Of course I fed them the other day so maybe that is why they came back???? :) The girls were taking a nap the other day and I was hoping they would come back when they were awake. Yesterday Brian and I were about to go on a walk in the evening with the girls and there they were coming into our yard. I ran in the house to get the camera and bread. Abigail thought it was HILARIOUS every time they ate the bread I threw on the ground. Their whole bathroom is in ducks, so I have been teaching them the sign (sign language) for duck. Yesterday Abigail almost did was precious!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Thanks Ernie and Liz

Thanks Ernie and Liz! We love the Branding Iron with Brian's intials on it! What a great gift!!! We had to have steaks last night just to try it out!!

It brands the initals BDS into the cool is that?


Yesterday we decided to go to the Lakefront. It was GORGEOUS outside. It was a little chilly, but with a small coat on the girls it was great! They have some swings that the girls could sit in so we decided to try them out to see if they liked them! THEY LOVED IT!!!!

Daddy swinging the girls.

Amelia thought it was hilarious that daddy was swinging too!

Amelia swinging!

Abigail having a GREAT time!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ernie and Liz's Wedding

There is a new Mrs. Spreen!! Ernie and Liz got married this weekend. They were married on Friday night with a small group of family and friends, and had a BIG crawfish boil on Saturday to celebrate. We had a GREAT time at the wedding, reception, and the crawfish boil.
Congratulations Ernie and Liz. We are so happy for the both of you.
Liz, Welcome to the family!

Mr. and Mrs. Spreen
Exchanging rings
Me and Brian

Beth and Aubrey

Ernie and Aubrey (Aubrey was the best man)

It's official!

The wedding party.

My handsome husband :)
Liz and Brian dancing.
The Spreen boys singing.

All the boys singing. (For those of you who know the Spreen's...know that if there is a microphone, music, and least ONE of them will end up singing before the night is over!)

Ernie and Liz.. you had a BEAUTIFUL and fun wedding weekend! We love ya'll!

Ernie and Liz's Crawfish Boil

Yesterday was Ernie and Liz's crawfish boil. It was a great way to celebrate their marriage. They had it at Liz's dads house. There was alot of crawfish and other yummy food, and a DJ. I think everyone had a good time. I didn't get many pics of the other guest, because I always had the girls with me and didn't get to move around too much! I never even got a pic of Ernie and Liz together! (sorry!)
Definitely check out the video of Uncle Aub singing and entertaining us all!
The kiddos!
Uncle Aub entertaining all of us. To check out part of the performance .......
Daddy and Abigail
Abigail and daddy
Aunt Beth and Amelia
Abigail sharing her dinner with her godmother Aunt Beth.
Aunt Carol (Brian's aunt) and Amelia dancing and having a GREAT time!
Amelia---look at that lip
Robert (Brian's cousin) and Abigail
Ernie and Liz--- Hope you are having fun in Disney!! We had a GREAT time this weekend!

Shutter fly pics

Here are all the other pics from Ernie and Liz's wedding if you want to see all the ones I have. If anyone elses sends me any I will post them later.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Silly girls

This happened at play group today... silly girls...

YEAH IT IS.....Play date day!!!

We love Wednesday's around here!! Every Wednesday morning I tell the girls YEAH it's Play date day!!! Today we went to Jill's house, and we had a new play group member----Cali came with her new baby! He is Beautiful!
Introducing Luke Pettit..

He is SUCH a cutie!! He slept most of the play group, but we know how fast they grow--he'll be keeping up with the big girls one day!!
Lilly Kate
Abigail and Amelia
Amelia and Lilly having fun playing together! They are so cute all together. Lilly is now crawling so they are just EVERYWHERE now!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006


The girls turned 11 months on Saturday. It's so hard for me to believe that almost a year has gone by since they were born. People say time really REALLY does....ESPECIALLY with double the fun, double the diapers, double the bottles, and double the laundry! :) It makes me very sad to know that they are almost a year old, but also very excited to see them doing more and more on their own.
Both of the girls are cruising on things, and standing at times without holding onto anything. Abigail is definitely our little Ms. Explorer. She can get into anything in 2 seconds. If a baby gate is open she is going to go through it as fast as she can. Amelia is Ms. Social, and is much more cautious, but LOVES to talk and dance. They both love to give kisses, do Pat-A-Cake, be tickled, and splash in the tub. Abigail waves Bye- Bye and signs a few words now. They will both soon be walking which I am a little nervous about. :) They both make me laugh every day. The most heart melting moments for me are when they are laughing at each other for no real reason that I understand... of course they do... they are twins!
People always make the comment Better ya'll than me....
Yep they are right Better us!!
We have double the blessings, double the love, double the fun, and double the laughs.
I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Amelia 11 months old!!!!

Abigail 11 months old!!!

Rub a Dub Two Girls in a Tub

We finished the girls bathroom. It's been done for a while I just haven't put the pics on here yet. The only thing we have left to get is a bathmat.
I haven't found one I just love yet!

The girls really like their new bathroom!