Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Aunt Beth and Uncle Aub took the girls to the zoo a couple of weekends ago while we were at a wedding in Houston.
Thanks to both of you! I know they are very tiring and they had a BLAST!!!
Beth took some pictures, so here is the link to see them. (I hope it works!)
The last couple are HILARIOUS!!!!
Birthday party pictures to come soon! I promise! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Birthday Party as School

Today the girls took cupcakes to school for their birthday. I sent my old digital camera so they would take pictures of the girls for me. Here are the ones they took. They had just come in from playing outside. They look like they had been playing pretty hard!

Isn't their class precious. You can't see the last two kiddos on the right. They said ALL the kids LOVED the cupcakes!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today is the girls birthday! Brian and I took them to the zoo this morning to celebrate after blowing out the candles on their breakfast. We try to do something on their actual birthday since they share it. So then they get two very special days!!
They had a BLAST and were in the best mood the whole time we were there. I still can't believe that I had them two years ago this evening!!
They are getting so big so fast. They are talking in sentences and are just hilarious at the things they say!
Here are a few of the MANY pictures I took today!

Checking out the giraffes!!!

Moments like this make me LOVE the fact that I have twins. We are sooo blessed.
Amelia LOVES the carousel!

Abigail is happy that she is TWO!!!

My two princesses on their horses!

Abigail looks so much like her daddy!!!

My monkeys.... hanging out with the monkeys!!

My movie star!

Abigail was screaming with joy when we were in the petting zoo!

She loved this goat!

Such a BIG girl washing her hands with daddy!!!

Happy Birthday sweet girls. You are SUCH a blessing to me and your daddy.
We love you more than you can imagine!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

You never know when you need your cell phone

While you are on a slide....

Yep she got a phone call!

While you are on the run....

When you are lounging!

When you are taking your clothes to the hamper.

Or while brushing your teeth!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER!!!!
We did in Gulfport with Nana, Pop and Aunt Kelli!

My love bunnies!

Easter Morning

Here are the pics from this morning. The Easter Bunny brought the girls dress up clothes and books. He had also hid eggs all over the living room.
The girls going for their loot. Check out their boots already on their feet.

Abigail LOVED them!

Safari here we come!!!

They LOVED the Elmo eggs!!

Looking for the eggs!

They both had a GREAT time this morning!!

Bunny Cake

My mom has made a bunny cake with me and my sister for as long as I rember. I don't ever remember her letting us have this much hands on with making it, but hey my girls had a BLAST!!!!

Waiting to make the cake.

Adding the oil.

Adding the cake mix.

Pouring in the water.

Stirring it up.

Putting on the icing.

YUMMMM this is good!

Smash it together.

Patting on the cocunut.

Adding the eyes and nose. Abigail liked to take them on and off.

Here is the finished product. They ahd alot of fun! Thanks NANA!!!