Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We had a HUGE tub while we were staying at the Royal Sonesta. Can I say the girls LLOOOOOOVVEEED it! We took complete advantage of it and filled it with bubbles. They were hysterical. These pics are over two days in the tub... No words needed......

Can you tell they had fun?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Royal Sonesta...

The Sunday before Christmas we loaded up and spent two nights at the beautiful Royal Sonesta in New Orleans. A tradition I hope we continue. We were going to the teddy bear tea and always go to celebration in the oaks so we decided to make a min vacation out of it. Southern Miss also made it to the New Orleans bowl so we crammed the game into it too!
The girls had a BLAST just playing in the room!

Amelia playing in our bed!

Abigail giving Daddy sweet kisses!

2 monkeys in my bed!

Silly face time!

Climbing under her bed.

Playing in the closet!

TONS of more pics to day I will actually get the christmas pics up....keep checking back!

Spreen/ Smith Christmas party

We get together every year with Brian's dad side of the family for Christmas. I didn't take hardly any pics, but here are a few

Abigail, Cousin Sofie and Amelia

Sofie and Abigail

Christopher and Sofie

I LOVE this pic..this is Baby Ernie! Isn't he a doll???

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas program at school

The girls had a christmas program at school. TONS of parents were there so getting a good pic was a little tough, but here are a few cute pics.... I will load videos later.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dance Recital Take Two

Here is the girls second dance recital. They were really cute in the second one. There was only a few girls there in the class.

We made up almost 1/2 of the class that day.

If only she was always this graceful! :)

The girls were allowed to wear a costume for their dance --- Lilly Kate picked her Nemo costume from halloween last she not ADORABLE!!


REindeer ears

How sweet is this moment???
That is Amelia and Lilly Kate

The three muskateers
The girls asked Santa for gymnastic classes so we won't be doing ballet for now. :( I am going to miss it, but I think we can only handle one thing during school for now. I am excited about gymnastic classes, but sure am going to miss seeing them in cute ballet attire each week! I feel very soon (In the next year or so we will be doing a different sport for each of the girls! Then it will REALLY get wild!)