Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yummy Watermelon

Last summer watermelon was not a HUGE hit at our house. Abigail absolutely loved it when we had it last sunday. Amelia still wasn't a HUGE fan!

Check out Abigail's hand...she is carrying the watermelon with her while she slides.


Abigail was talking to Kendal while she was eating her watermelon.


Friday, July 27, 2007


I don't have time to post pics tonight..REALLY busy weekend ahead with photo shoots and many shoots from this past week to edit, but had to post this one picture. We went and saw Dora today and the Lynn Meadows Discovery center in gulfport. Funny thing is Amelia ADORES DORA!!! Can't you tell in this picture???

She was blowing her kisses goodbye as we were leaving. I think a little up close was too much for her!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


We went and fed the ducks with Nana last week. The girls enjoy seeing all the ducks and turtles out there.

Here Duck......

The girls fell in love with these baby ducks. The mom wouldn't let the girls get too close to them...this was about as close as they could get.

Pool Time!

Brian got a new pool for father's day from my parents (after he blew our other one up with the lawn mower!) WE've been REALLY enjoying the pool. The girls love to swim under water and we have to tell them no more going under water ---walking feet only. They will keep on doing it if we don't and get so exhausted they can't find their footing to stand up and it scares me to death. Here is some fun we had last weekend in the pool!

Abigail ready to go!

This is Amelia's "Poision" hair. It's always a DISASTER when she wakes up in the morning. She rubs it on her pillow to soothe herself. We just got ALOT of it cut off today! Pics to come soon!

Always WILD hair Amelia!

Here is what the back looks like in the morning. She lost a HUGE round patch (like they do when they are babies, but this was FOUR months ago!) that is now growing back since we got a satin pillowcase.

Thanks Nana and Pop! We REALLY love the pool!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trail Head

Yesterday we went to the Trail Head fountains. I had my camera in my car bc I had just finished shoot so I decided to grab some shots of the girls! They seem to have even more fun each time we go! They were pretty funny with their sunglasses on!!

Super Star Amelia...check out Abigails face.
It's always so hard to catch them in the same shot, but I got quite a few yesterday!

Silly Abigail

The movie star again!

Can you find Abigail's sunglasses?
She puts them on her belly all the time! I have no clue why!

Lilly had a blast.

Check out Abgail's face!!!

Cutie Luke!! He was very serious yesterday!

I told the girls to look in the camera lens to see if they could see themselves here is what I caught.......

A sweet moment shared between the two. I think they were sharing rocks!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Anchor Girls

These shirts are a little too big, but I couldn't wait until they fit in them!!!!!

Delta Gamma here they come!!!!!

Sugar Cookies

Last week Nana was here and we made sugar cookies. The girls had alot of fun and the cookies were yummy! I do let them pour everything into the bowl(even the egg) but I can't take pictures and assist in that process!

Mixing the dough.

Abigail really liked tasting to make sure all the ingredients were ok!

Abigail rolling the dough.

Look it's a cowboy hat.

Look Nana -- you wear it on your head.


Amelia rolling the dough.

Amelia cutting the cookie.

Look its a rabbit.

Kneading the dough.

The cookies are YUMMY!!!

Here are the different ones we made....I have a box of 101 cookie cutters so I just let them pick out which ones they wanted.