Monday, May 17, 2010

Spreen Girls....

We got a quick chance to take a few pics of all the Spreen girls. This is all the grandchildren SO FAR on Brian's side EXCEPT for little Ernie. (I don't think he would have enjoyed the girly party!) Hopefully we can get some pics of them ALL together soon!

Baby Ruby even got a chance to try out the pony with the help of Uncle Aub!

Pony Rides

Can you tell the girls loved it????

Tme to Ride the Ponies

We took all the girls outside to see the ponies. We had two ponies and a wagon pulled by a pony for the girls to ride on. They all loved it and rode NUMEROUS times on both the ponies and the wagon. They were all so cute! This is them waiting to hear all the rules and all about the ponies....

Can I freeze them at this age????

Look at those hands on hips!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tea at the party

We let each girl have hot water, a tea bag and sugar cubes! They loved making their own tea and putting sugar cubes in it. They were so cute in their hats. I mainly got pics of my two girls but did get a few pics of our friends at the party. We had 20 little girls here!

The girls cousin Sofie.

Julia and Rachel our twin friends since the girls were pretty much born.

Emerson and Addison.

Can you tell they were loving this?

The birthday cake

The birthday cake was AMAZING! I was soo super excited about it. If you are local check out her site HERE! The girls decided this year they wanted one BIG cake instead of two. For those of you who know me know this was a BIG jump for me. I have always had two cakes and sang "Happy Birthday " twice at each party. Just because they are twins shouldn't mean they have to share a cake or their moment of singing to them.
Stacey who made the cake did an AWESOME job of combining hats, tea cups, and ponies on the cake! Best of all was BEAUTIFUL and tasted AWESOME!

Set up for the Little Ladies Louisiana Derby

The girls wanted a tea AND pony party for their fifth birthday . The only way I could think of to make sure that they were BOTH included was to have a Little Ladies Louisiana Derby themed party. This of course meant the party had to be at our house. Which means ALOT more work. We haven't done a party at our house since they turned one so we decided to go ahead and do it. This also meant a girls only party which is a first for us. I was really sad not to be able to have some of my friends kiddos over, but know that this is no longer about's completely about the girls! They loved having only girls their age here!

I have about a 1,000 pics from the party I'll break this up in numerous post..

Here is the set up....
Each girl had her own tea cup.

Sashes around each chair.

They love my BEAUTIFUL (as they call it) tea server!

We put different candy in vases for decoration and for them to take home as part of their party favor.

It was ALOT of work setting up, but it was soooo worth the girls reaction to it all!

Back to blogging

Yes I think it is time. It's been very hard for me to go to any blogs over the past year because I was so heartbroken that I lost all the pictures here on the blog. I've decided to start doing it again... Pics coming soon of my now FIVE year old girls Birthday party!!!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Nana aka Mom... Sorry we didnt' get to suprise you with these in person... but here is your mothers day gift!
We all got to gether and got the pictures you have asked for for a long time...all your girls together. We got some of the boys with us too!
We all love you and hope you had a GREAT Mothers Day!!
Kisses from us all......