Thursday, August 31, 2006

Meet the teacher

Sunday we went to meet the girls teachers. Yep they are starting school...AKA known as Mother's Day Out. They will only be going a couple of hours twice a week. I know they are going to love it and learn there. I want them to be ok with me leaving and knowing I am coming back. I also want them to learn to follow directions from someone besides us. I know this is going to be such a great year for them.
Nana came with us (she had to check it out...she was a Mother's Morning Out director for over 20 years...she needed to make sure it was up to par!!!) We were all impressed!!
(I will have to take more pictures for them to put on their website!)
We got to bring the girls with us to meet the teachers and to see their classroom.
They loved their classroom and had fun playing with a couple of their new school friends. We were impressed with their teachers, and the fact that they are going to teach curriculum to these little kiddos!! One of the teachers really took the time to figure out who was who. That is VERY important to us. We don't want them to grow up being treated as one, but as individuals. Here they are all dressed and ready to go meet their teachers.....

I love this telling what their little conversation was about.

We are ready to go to school and so is mom and dad!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Parenting Center fun

We all have been going to the parenting center to meet up and play ALOT lately! Here are some pics of last Friday when we went!
(yesterday we went again, but didn't get any pictures due to the fact that
Amelia busted her lip and gum pretty bad! We caused a huge scene on a VERY busy day at the Parenting Center!)

Julia and Chrissy
Snack time
Amelia and Lilly!!
Lilly is walking now and LOVES it!!
Amelia having a BLAST!
Amelia Abigail and Lilly-- wow all in the same picture!
Lilly about to slide!
Handsome little Luke

Peek a boo Abigail!

Play group fun

Pictures from play group.....
We tried getting a pic of Amelia, Abigail, Lilly and Luke together which didn't go to well...we waited too late and then it was major melt down mode! They are all in matching outfits!!
Luke-- how handsome and grown up is he!!!

Brady my godson came to visit play group this week!

Julia I think!

Abigail in her cool boots! They think they are big stuff in them!

Dominic and Lilly

Julia and Rachel

Nana and Pop's house

Last week Brian had to go work on the coast so he dropped me and the girls off at Nana and Pop's house. My mom, sister, and I took the opportunity to go shopping at the outlet. I got the girls some great fall clothes and the girls had a blast playing with Nana and Aunt Kelli!

I love this picture...Daddy's girl!!!!

Amelia having fun playing with Aunt Kelli.

Na Na and Amelia

Thanks Aunt Beth

Aunt Beth (Abigail's godmother) gave these PJ's to the girls a while back. They now fit in them and are soooooooo cute in them! They look so grown up! What happened to my babies???

Saturday, August 19, 2006


We went yesterday to Water Day at the parenting center. They had fun playing in the water table, and the little pools. They also had fun playing in the little house. Lilly, Luke, Dominic, Julia and Rachel all were there!

Amelia and Luke splashing together.

Luke ready to go golfing after swimming.

Dominic having fun at the water table.
Abigail ready to drive....UH OH get off the road!
CUTIE Luke!!!! He really did like the pool...this face is priceless!!!

Hey mom--- what is this???
Rachel and Julia (not sure who it who?)
Amelia at the water table.
UH OH--- ready to sure isn't ready for that one!!!
Julia or Rachel-- not sure which one though!

Amelia and Abigail in the house.

Peek a boo Abigail. They loved the windows on the house.

Julia and Rachel having their snack.

Cutie Lilly

Amelia had a GREAT time!!!!