Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seeing Double Under the Sea..... HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Happy Halloween!! This year I let the girls pick what they wanted to be and there was no other answer than "ARIEL!!!!!!!" It was always said with a scream. These girls are obsessed! They love that mermaid! I wasn't super excited about the costume at first, but I must say my two mermaid princesses are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry so many pics...this is for the grandparents who we won't see tommorrow night! ENjoy Nana, Pop, MeMe, & Paw Paw!
Oh and yes for the first time they got to put on mermaid lipstick! You would have thought I gave them a diamond ring they were so excited!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monster Mash

Last Sat one of the local hospitals hosted their annual Monster Mash. We haven't been since the girls first Halloween, bc I have been doing shoots the past two years on the same day. This year I am really trying to put work around things that are important for me to go do with the girls. It's soooo hard to balance a full time job with being a full time stay at home mom. Yes for those of you who don't know most of the year I work full time hours. ESPECIALLY at this time of year. The kids are only in 1/2 day preschool three days a week, and are not in daycare so I have to work during naps or after bed time. I do alot of shoots on the weekend at this time of year, so they get awesome Daddy time! I must say I am already ready for Dec. to be here so the whole month is nothing but time for the kiddos since I take the whole month off!! Pray for me this next month..we've been through alot with my work stuff the past three weeks, from shutters breaking (at the end of shooting 5,000 pumpkin patch pics) to computers breaking (when I need to edit 5,000 pumpkin pics), to losing memory cards for my camera with customers pictures on them. (first time ever!) AURGH! Anyway just please send your prayers this way... it just gets REALLY crazy here the month of Nov. I've cut back , but not enough for me not to be crazy! :)
Anyway... we went Sat morning and stayed from 9:40 in the morning until 2:30 and the kids weren't ready to go then, but we were coming home to paint our living room!

Dancing to the pirate Papyon (who is AWESOME! )

Playing the duck games.

Shooting the eyeballs with the watergun with daddy.

How sweet is this face?

Abigail, Amelia and Stockton having a good time laughing.

Sweet Grace.

Stockton hung out with us for quite a while!

Decorating cookies.

These are the faces I get when someone tells them to smile.

Sweet moment with Daddy.

Amelia sliding down the slide. Abigail wouldn't go down bc there were too many pirates up there she said!

Trick or Treating (check out that face!)

They had art projects too! Here is one of them! It is a super cute ghost.
We can't wait to go again next year!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ballet Carnival

Two weeks ago the girls had a carnival at ballet. They were soo cute. Now they are in the big kid class where the parents don't come in, but we were invited to come in for the carnival. The week before their teacher had told them about it, so as soon as Brian came home that day they asked him if they would come to his carnival. SO SWEET! How could he resist? So Daddy joined us at the balet carnival! They loved it as usual!

My sweet Amelia...
Julia, Amelia and Rachel (not sure which is which) getting face painting on their hands.

Abigail playing with her gooey sticky prize.

Sweet Abigail.
Amelia playing the ring game.

Abigail getting her face painting done on her hand too!


Making our goody bag with Daddy.

Pin the tail on the donkey.

As you can see they had a blast, and I hardly got any pictures of all the different little activities she had for them! So cute!!