Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We are still here

We are still alive over here. Just SUPER busy. Abigail has another ear infection, and I have a sinus infection, but we are making it.
I've been busy with bunny photo shoots, and will be for the month of March. If you want to check out a few I have done go to
Hopefully I will find the time to put some pics up from Mardi Gras soon. The girls LOVED it!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Bunnies!

We gave the girls bunnies today for Valentines Day (um well we had to get them for my bunny shoots coming up... but we got them today so it was a perfect gift :)
This is pancakes.. (can anyone guess where that name came from?)

Do you think they like him?

This is the other TERRIFIED bunny he didn't like the ride across the causeway! He doesn't have a name yet-- any ideas??
They REALLY wanted him to come out! Them screaming didn't help, but they are about to be tortured by MANY kids so for now they are going to spend as much time with the girls as possible!

My SweetHearts

Happy Valentines day from all of us!!!
My two sweethearts!

Check out the elmo sticker on the bottom of Abigail's shoe!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Brady

We went to Brady's (my godson and Alicia's son) birthday party Saturday afternoon at Kips gymnastics in Hattiesburg. I can't believe he is THREE!! How handsome is he??
For those of you who have none me for a long time I coached gymnastics all through college and I actually worked at Kips for a couple of years. It was exciting to take my girls in to a gym to see if they liked it...they LOVED it. Mommy and Me classes for this summer here we come......
The Birthday boy...check out his's a cupcake cake....
Grace and Gretchen
Abigail CHOWING on cake! I think she might of liked it! :)
Grace monkeying around with George.
This is a big pit in Kips. Abigail IMEDIATELY crawled down in it. This is how the kids got out...
All the kids at our party...notice the birthday boy and Amelia no longer sitting.

Amelia playing with Grace.

Ok can I tell you how happy this moment made me? My fav in gymnastics has always been the beam..and I was also a beam coach. Abigail LOVED walking on it.
Look One hand!

They had a slide into the pit which the girls loved too!

Jumping on the tumble track.

I think they loved it. I hope we might have two gymnasts on our hands!!
Happy brithday Brady!
We love you!

Happy Birthday Timothy

We went to Timothy's birthday party at Chick Filet on Sat. morning. The girls had alot of fun. The cow even comes out and talks to everyone and takes pictures with everyone! The girls weren't too sure about him up close. ESPECIALLY Amelia.

The Birthday boy!

The second pic is when Brian leaned in to get closer to the cow...Amelia didn't like that too much!

Gotta love that sweet face with cake all over it!

The test is in.....

She is NOT allergic to peanuts, seasme seed, cocunut, almonds and something else...Anyway we are VERY happy that it all came in negative!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

2 parties, 3 parades, a christening and allergy testing

WOW has this been a weekend for us. Abigail got tested on Friday for nut allergies...long story. If she is allergic to it we will let you all know tomorrow and I'll explain why. Hopefully it is neagative and we won't have to worry about it.

Sat we went to Timothy's birthday party at Chick filet in the morning and Brady's in the afternoon in Hattiesburg. Then we drove back and went straight to a parade in Covington.

Today we went to Jacks christening and then to the parades in Metarie.

It was a GREAT and exhausting weekend. Tons of pics coming of the whole weekend (except Jack's christening...I forgot my camera!)
Here is a sneak peak I am exhausted and going to bed!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Mardi Gras Girls

I took these pics as we were leaving the King Cake party!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Future Delta Gamma's

Recently we had our annual Delta Gamma Mother Daughther King Cake Party. The girls and I went and met up with some of our Future USM girls! :) (or we all hope!)
Starting from the left is Jordan Grissom (Tara Mayo's little girl) Emerson and Addison Riddell (Heather Greig's little girls) and then my two Abigail and Amelia. Aren't they all cuties!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The yuckies----

We have had the Yuckies at our house. The stomach bug has hit out house HARD!!!!! Sorry no pic updates....Brian even has it. I am the only one so far that doesn't have it....but I feel my time is coming soon!

Poor Amelia and Abigail have on top of a stomach bug an ear infection a piece and red throats. Since they couldn't keep anything down they had to get shots of antibotic yesterday!! Soon as we got home, Brian informs me he had a fever...... and it went down hill from there with him. He was up all night in the bathroom. I'm exhausted from the no sleep in the last couple of nights. I am hoping to get some tonight!!!!

Abigail also to top it off has her top two eye teeth coming in!

Hope your week has started off better than us!