Friday, December 29, 2006

Twas the night before christmas

Elmo style. Yes I found the Elmo's night before Christmas book.

Daddy starting the tradition of reading the Night Before Christmas. (next year it will probably be the regular version!)

All the stockings were hung by the chimmney with care.......

Here they were pointing to the cookies santa was going to eat.

Good night Santa....enjoy our cookies!!!

We went to put them to bed came back and one of the cookies were missing. Later all of them were gone. Yep Neville and Gryffin are Santa's little helpers! They licked the plate clean!

Don't worry we still had more cookies for Santa!

Here's what Santa left.

Snow in Louisiana

We have snow here too Shannon........Not the kind you have :)We have the fake kind.... They did have snow in City park the Sat. before christmas. We decided to join in the CRAZY festivities. It was fun, but the snow machine (I think it's a big sno cone machine :) broke after doing 20 tons. They usually do 80 tons. SOOO it was like being at a parade. Everyone on top of each other. All sliding around on one big piece of ice!

Abigail wasn't too sure of the snow.

Here it looks like they were discussing if they should touch it or not like the other kids.

They FINALLY touched it.

Amelia loved watching all the other kids.

Abigial giving daddy snow!

Amelia still watching all the other kids.

Abigail had just fallen right before this picture. Right after she got pegged in the head with a snow ball. That was the end of the fun in the snow. We will definitely go again next year with all the other crazy parents!

Al Copelands house

The other night when we left the Spreen's house we went to drive by Al Copeland's house. This is the last year he is having his huge light display at his house. I had never seen it so we drove by......must say a little much for one house!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cousin Sofie

On Sat. we went to the Spreen family Christmas party. I didn't get a chance to take too many pics, but I did get to take some of the girls with their only cousin Sofie. How beautiful is she???

Sharing the flowers.
How cute are all three of them together.
Sofie come play with us again soon. The girls has so much fun playing with you!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Making Cookies for Santa

I have made sugar cookies with my mom for as long as I can remember for Christmas. It's the same recipe every year, and it's pretty fun to do, so I thought we could have the girls help me with daddy's assistance :)

First we shake the sugar to change the color of it!

Then we put butter on the bottom of the glass dip in the sugar and smoosh the balls.

Amelia decided to test the sugar out.

Ummm not real sure about green sugar.

Okay it's REALLY good!

Abigail likes it too!!!

Here is Abigail testing the sugar. Check out Amelia's face.

Check out the red sugar on Abigail's face!

We then put the cookies in the oven. They were hilarious wating for them to cook! Abigail kept saying "Hi Cookies!"

Neville was waiting to see if anyone would drop anything.

Gryffin was too!


Abigail with a mouth full of warm cookie!

Brian would say this is completely my daughter. I always love to prop my feet...not on the table, but obviously Abigail did!

Later that night we put the cookies out for Santa on the fireplace mantle. I'll post the rest of the story later. Santa did have two little helpers though :) Can you guess who?

Monday, December 25, 2006

My Christmas Angels

This was before we went to church last night.
Merry Christmas!
Thousands of more pics to come :)
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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!

We wanted to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas.
I know we are VERY excited that Santa is coming this evening! Not sure if the girls really realize what is going on, but they sure had fun at the Spreen family party yesterday!!! (I have soo many pictures to put on here of the past weeks events. I will just have to get them up after Christmas! )
We truly hope you all have a Christmas to remember! We hope to see you all soon!!!

Here is one of the drafts of our Christmas Card. There were more changes after this one, but I can't find where I saved the final draft. You get the picture :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Breakfast with Santa

Last weekend we had the annual Breakfast with Santa with the Mom's of Multiple's at the Kickstand Cafe in Mandeville near the trailhead. It's really neat...we are the only people there. All of us sit down and start eating breakfast and then Santa comes and talks to the kids while they eat breakfast. Then he goes and sits down and each of the sets of kiddos go sit on his lap. What's more fun than a morning full of a room full of twins and triplets all hyped up on pancakes with syrup!!! We really did have a GREAT time. The other parents COMPLETELY understand what it's like to have more than one the same age, so it's ok if they weren't perfect angels!! Amazingly they were all really good!
Of course I tortured poor Abigail and made her try sitting in Santa's lap again. Things weren't much better this time. She REALLY liked him when he came and talked to her, but NOT when she had to sit on his lap! Oh Well there's always next year!

At first I thought she might be ok......

Well maybe not........

Amelia LOVED him...especially when he gave her this bear. She has loved on him and wanted him in her bed every night since then!

Santa just left out this door...Abigail REALLY wants to make sure he is gone..Then she kept asking "Where Danta Go??"
Abigail happy now with her penguin!
Where did Santa go?? (this is my friend Sandra's twins..Kendal and Reid)
Amelia eating her breakfast. They were soooo big sitting in real chairs and not high chairs. They thought they were hot stuff!

Mommy and Abigail.
Caroline, William, and Cecilia
William and his Daddy Andrew seeing Santa!

We had a GREAT time with the mom's of Multiples eating breakfast with Santa!!