Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My two Princesses

Here are a few pics that were taken right after the girls birthday party....
TONS of more pics to come of the birthday party.....sorry it's been nuts around here!

Dancing in Jackson Square......

The girls had so much fun dancing and singing with the street performers in Jackson square.

My beautiful Amelia.

Check out this kid. He had an amazing voice (he sang and played) but it was a Friday early afternoon..he should have been in school! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Playing in front of the Cathedral

The Cathedral/ Jackson Square

Don't they look like two little old ladies with their purses? Can you guess what is inside of them?

After Lunch

We decided to start heading to Jackson Square. On our walk to get a cab we found this awesome brick wall....I wanted some pics of the girls in front of it...they were over it and being SILLY!!!!!!!


We then ate at the famous "Mother's" restaurant. Neither Brian or I have ever eaten there. It was YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

Of course...all the princesses came to eat with us!

Riding the Street Car

When we had gone to Beth and Aubreys wedding the girls started telling us that they were not "big" enough to ride the street cars. We have no idea where they came up with this except maybe from us telling them that they were not big enough to ride a ride a city park 2 months before. We had never told them that they weren't big enough to ride the street car, but thought it was pretty funny. We never got the chance to ride the streetcars while we were down there during the wedding, so we decided to tell them on their birthday that they were now "big" enough to ride it.
We headed down to the city to hop on the streetcars! They girls LOVED just sitting there and watching the city going by....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Breakfast Fit For Two Princesses

We had cinnamon rolls...yummy!!!

I still can't believe there is THREE candles on there!!!!
Where did my babies go?

They both sang "Happy Birthday" to each other--so sweet!!

The actual day of their birhtday....

The morning started out with presents from mom and dad.....

TONS of princess figurines..that still have barely left their hands! They LOVE them!

They also each received Bella Dancerella.... I will have future pictures of that one!!!
(oh and yes we were christmas pj's year round around here!)

Friday, April 18, 2008


Today is the girls 3rd Birthday. It just blows me away that they are THREE!! Where did the time go? I can so clearly remember the day they were born! They have turned into the sweetest, funniest, smartest little girls! They make us laugh everyday at the funny things they say (especially to each other!) They also make our hearts just absolutely melt at the things they say to us and to each other!
They love to play dress up, dancing and singing. They love to go to school, and ask if it's ballet day EVERY day! They are sympathetic, very caring and love babies and other kids. They are generally happy, and love going places! (now don't get me wrong...they are FAR from perfect, but it's their birthday we have to talk about all the wonderful things! :) They ask every day mommy where are we going today! YEs they are VERY social kids and we have no idea where they got that from! They wake up talking to each other and go to sleep talking to each other. When they were younger I sometimes wished I would have had them one at a time to really get to enjoy them as babies. Now I can't imagine enjoying them any other way than together. They have such a sweet and special bond that I know that wouldn't be the same if they weren't born at the same time.
Yes they can be double trouble, but they are triple the laughs, love, and hugs!!!!!!
We love you girls!!!!!!
Here are a few of the millions of pics I took today..I will post many more but don't have time tonight.....

Look at our ears!!!

The girls have been asking for earings (Abigail has been asking for Diamond earings!) We decided to let them get them on their thrid birthday.
Amelia did great...Cried out and then that was it. Abigail wasn't even sure if she wanted them after Amelia had yelled out. She was VERY dramatic for quite some time after. Tonight she is loving them and telling the dogs not to touch her princess earings!
These were taken soon after (Abigail's was taken right after..can you tell?)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A BIG girl room....

I wanted to do a pink girly room for the girls BIG girl room. Brian thought I was crazy wanting stripes AND polka dots in one room. It came out soooooo cute!! The girls went to MeMe and Paw Paws house so we could get it done all in one weekend. When the girls came home they were soooo excited. They love their new girly princess room, and so do I!!!
I will post more pictures of the whole room once their new beds are here and new curtains etc.
These are really the only pics I could get around all the furniture being in the middle of the room.

Yes Brian was amazing and added the chair railing and the squares below it!!

A sneak peak

Here is a sneak peak...blogger will only let me load one picture.

Going Going GONE

The girls THIRD birthday is tommorrow. I can't even believe it. We decided to change from the nursery room to a BIG girl room. We painfully had to paint over Brian's beautiful mural. Abigail has a hard time with change sometimes so we got the kiddos involved.....

Pictures tonight of the new BIG girl room.....