Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Nursery

Yesterday my mom and dad came over to bring over the bookcase my dad built them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! It came out PERFECT!!! Thanks SOOO much DAD!! The girls also love their fridge. I just realized I didn't ever put a pic on here of it. The girls love pulling all the food out of it!!
Thanks Pop for the new bookcase you built and for the fridge. The girls love both of them!!
Here is how we now have the room rearragned.

The new bookcase...Isn't it beautiful??

The side by side fridge -- how cute is that?

Now their other bookcase is on the other side of the room.
Their dresser is now where the changing table was.
This is an interesting one I know. We had to move their beds like this to get everything in their room. They love it this way and they actually sleep too!!
They have a HUGE area to play in the middle of the room now

You can still see Gryffin and Neville hiding behind the toys. I didn't want the tree or dogs covered up. Two of their flowers with the mirrors had to be covered up :( I hated moving everything around just because I didn't want ANYTHING covered up that Brian had painted just the way I wanted it. I hate covering any of it up. I don't know what I am going to do if we ever decide to move and sell the house!

Monday, June 26, 2006

What has Abigail crawled into now???

Today I was working on cleaning out some of the girls stuff out of their room and rearranging. (I'll show a pic later this week why I am doing it!) Anyway--- I had the baskets off of the girls changing table and Abigail just crawled right up in there!

What mom???

OK OK I'll get out.....

AURGH how did I get in here??

Thanks Na Na

This past Saturday I had a photo shoot in the morning and the mom's of multiples were going to Global Wildlife at the same time. Brian decided he wanted to go with the girls if my mom would come. They said they had a GREAT time. I was sad for them to be going out on their first big outing without me! I did enjoy my photo shoot and got some beautiful shots!! My mom and Brian took some pics with my old camera at Global Wildlife...I will try to get them onto my computer tomorrow. Na Na also stayed the night Sat night, and watched the girls so Brian and I could go to the movies for the first time in quite a while!
Thanks Na Na!!
Here are some pics of the girls with Na Na Sunday after church!

Picking flowers with NaNa!
Abigail on the run as usual!
Thanks Na Na for coming!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Water Day

Today we went to the parenting center for Water Fun Day. For the most part we had a great time. Amelia decided to have quite a few melt downs, which almost sent me into melt down mode myself. We survived the day though. (She has a tooth that is almost all the way coming through. It was breaking the gums today... I am going to say that is why she was so cranky, bc if it was anything else I would have to say she was just being awful! I don't want to say that about my child so we will say she was just teething, and that is what made her a crab today!)
Our friends...Luke, Rachel, Julia, Dominic, Reid, and Kendall all joined us today!
The girls had popcicles for the first time today! They LOVED them!!

Abigail got frustrated when the popcicle would start going back down in the tube.

Abigail was so sweet today!

I think Julia.

Look in the background...Amelia is about to go head first into the water... I saved her before she did!

Rachel I think.

Amelia loves Dominic. She was watching him fish!

She's watching to see what he is going to catch!

Model Amelia

Here is Abigail before she got wet!

They had this cool sprinkler. Those different colored wands swilred around and shot water everywhere! Abigail liked it!

I think this may be the only pic I got of all four of the girls together...maybe one day we will get one of them all looking...probably years from now..but I WILL do it!

Abigail swimming with Luke.

I didn't have any swim diapers left this morning, so I put a regular diaper on the girls. Abigails kept blowing up bigger and bigger ---we kept saying she has ghetto booty!

Here is Kendall and Reid

Reid--- what a cutie-- gotta love that smile!

Abigail was being soo sweet today so I ended up getting many more pics of her than Amelia --I just copied a pic off of Chrissy's blog...thanks for the pic Chrissy--- this was Amelia most of the day.....

Luke -- what a cutie!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


It has been water time lately!! It's soo hot here it is GREAT to be ablet o get in the water. We went to the trailhead and met some friends....Jill and Lilly, Shelley and her triplets Caroline, Cecilia, and William, and Chrissy with her son Dominic and her twins Julia and Rachel. Yet again these aren't my best pictures, but I have to keep one eye on the girls so it's hard when they are both running different directions to get great pics.
Amelia and Lilly playing in the water drain.

Rachel or Julia with Abigail....Snack time!!!

Amelia and Lilly drinking some juice!

Chrissy and her kiddos!
Amelia having some fun!! She got pretty brave this time and was all over the place!!

Caroline, Cecilia and William

Caroline (I think)
Ceclia (I think and William)
Caroline, Abigail, and Cecilia


We had so much fun!! Chrissy, Shelley, and Jill....Let's do it again soon!!!

My House

Here is a video-- it's not the best (sorry my new camera doesn't do video!) This was from after Lilly's party and they thought it was hilarious when I put their hoods on from their cover ups. This is them being silly.

Hi Amelia

Here is Amelia talking away the other day...she is SUCH a talker.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Lilly

Saturday was Lilly's birthday party. She had a fun swimming party (I actually did a photo shoot for her birthday invite..i'll post that one soon too!) The girls had a BLAST!! I think everyone had a good time!
Happy Birthday Lilly Kate!!

The birthday girl digging into her cake!
Brian hanging out with Luke! Told him he better enjoy playing with other people's little boys!!! Not too sure there is going to be the possibility of us trying to have a boy!
Abigail's dreams came true...a sidewalk of a MILLION rocks for her to play with...why would she get in the pool if she has that many rocks to play with??

Me, Cali, Luke, Angie, Angela, and Jill
the girls from USM and of course Luke!

Amelia jumping right on in the pool!

Luke!! What a cutie!! Love that belly!!!