Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A new blog

Amanda and Kelly (the bride and groom a post below) just started a blog. Check it out
I added a link on the right to their blog.
It's not a baby blog..they just got married! They do a ton of fun things though!
Amanda and Kelly welcome to the blog world!

Monday, May 28, 2007


On Sat we went to Paw Paw's home brew beer club's crawfish boil in Metaire. I was not planning on giving the girls crawfish until they were three. My grandmother has a shell fish allergy, and I have some sensitivity to it if I eat too much. The girls had QUITE a different plan.

They started out with the corn.

Amelia LOVED the corn.

Abigail kept asking for a crawfish while we were all eating them. This is what happened when we told her no.

Brian gave her one to hold, but that didn't last long......

She was trying to open it herself.

I very rarely give into them on something that I have told them no. BUT we were all eating it and she REALLY wanted to eat some. She LOVED LOVED LOVED them. Brian would peel himself one, then give her one. She definitely is going to be a true Louisiana girl!

Amelia didn't want to eat them...she just wanted to play with it, and lick it. Which was really groose, but since she takes after my family more she would be the one with an allergy to shellfish. I was fine with her just playing with them for now!

FYI the bowl in front of Abigail is MeMe's famous sauce for the's YUMMY!!!!

Abigail with her godmother Aunt Beth.

What meal time is complete without Dora raisins?? Marketing works!!

Abigail on the play ground.

Abigail and MeMe.
Abigail and Paw Paw.

How cute are these outfits? THANKS AUNT CHAR!!!!!!! I LOVED the girls in these outfits!
Brian's cousin came with two of his is one of them Christopher.
Amelia on the playground.

We had a GREAT day!! Thanks MeMe and Paw Paw for inviting us. Thanks again Char for the outfits!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Amanda's now a MRS.

Amanda was my gran lil sis in Delta Gamma. We went to her and Kelly's wedding last weekend in Jackson. Brian and I had a BLAST, and the girls had a blast with Nana!

(Thanks Nana for wathcing the girls for us!!)

Amanda was absolutely glowing!! She was a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!

Ya'll make such a beautiful couple!

Cutting of the grooms cake!

Shannon having some fun dancing!

Amanda and her new nieces.

Here is Shannon, Kendal the flower girl and Amanda..

Ms. Sandy (Shannon's mom) took some amazing pics that day while they were all getting ready.... So most of the rest of these are her pictures.

Kendal couting the Kendal's in the mirror.
Shannon, Ross, Brian and I.

The happy groom and bride on their way to their honeymoon. I hope you both had alot of fun on your honeymoon and can't wait to see the pictures you took with your new camera.
I agree you should start a blog now!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Schools Out For Summer!!

Schools out for Summer!!!!
I was very sad this morning. We are switching schools in the fall, and I absolutely LOVED the girls teachers this year!! I am not quite sure how we will keep ourselves busy this summer, but I am sure we will!

Abigail ready to go for the last day!
Amelia's ready too!

Giggly girls!!

Ms. Brandy on the left and Ms. Kristen on the right. The girls loved school, and I don't think they quite got it today when we left that we won't be going any more!
I am sure they will be asking soon when it's time for school!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fun at the zoo!

Today we took advantage of the amazing weather and went to the zoo with some of our play group friends. We really had a GREAT time! The girls got to play in Monkey Hill for the first time, and stayed awake until we got home at 3:00!! That's a first!
Thanks for meeting us Jill, Shelley, Melissa, and all your kiddos!!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fountains Bubbles and Smiles

I took my girls down to the Landing to do a photo shoot. (I hardly ever do that with my own kiddos!) Here are some of the ones I got. Amelia wasn't too cooperative until we got to the fountain...then check them out!

Catching bubbles!

Daddy splashed them!


Being a photographer these are always some of my favorite.As you all know our first christmas card was their naked hinneys, along with the other times I have taken them.
This will probably be the last time you will see my kiddos naked hinneys!
They are two now and Brian says that's old enough.

Ms. Priss!