Monday, July 27, 2009


I haven't blogged in QUITE sometime..If you haven' t noticed..all the pics are GONE on my blog and it's just made me quite SICK bc I am the one to blame. See I got an email saying I needed to buy more space bc all my space was getting full in my Picasa Albums. SO stupidly I deleted the Picasa albums bc I don't ever use them...WELL that means they are GONE forever!!!!!!!!! BUY MORE SPACE.
This was for the girls to read later in life..... SO I am still heartbroken and hopefully will one day be able to put some of the pics back on here where they belong...but it will take YEARS. Also after reading up on all of this blog stuff ...It worries me to redo the whole thing for it to just all disappear one day??
SO from here on I will start to blog again for those who still come......
To my girls...I am sooooooo very sorry. Your pictures mean so much to me and the time we spend together doing all these fun things mean even more to me! I hope you two will understand one day how much I dearly charished all the fun things we go do together!