Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Amelia's Heart Murmur is gone!!!

Amelia's peditrician's office informed me that Amelia's echo came back normal! YEAH!!!! I am so glad that the heart murmur closed on it's own!! Thank God we don't have to worry about that anymore!! Thanks for all of your emails wanting to know the results.

Here is a pic of Amelia's excited face... she is hilarious when she does it!!
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Here is Abigail's excited face!!!
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Sick Babies!

The girls are sick!!!! It has been a rough day around here... Abigail is still a mess from teething, and now Amelia is sick. They are both coughing, snotty noses, low grade fevers, and just plain ole grumpy bears!!!! I had to put a call into the peditrician's office today!! We might be going in tomorrow. We shall see......

Daddy played with us in the hallway today when he came home from work!

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Uhoh-- Just like Mommy!

Look what Abigail got a hold of yesterday......
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Silly Abigail

I took this picture yesterday... Abigail had taken all the toys out of the box, so I decided to put her in it! She thought it was so funny!! She is a drooly mess!!
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Monday, January 30, 2006

Mother Daughter King Cake Party

Yesterday was the Delta Gamma alumni's annual Mother Daughter King Cake party for the Northshore Alumni group. It was at our friend's house Tara Mayo Grissom. Abigail was teething... fever, snotty nose, and a drool monster, so she stayed at home with daddy.. I know we split them up, BUT it was good for us and them! Abigail ended up napping almost the whole time I was gone. Amelia came with me and had a BLAST playing with all the other little girls.
Tara Grissom's little girl Jordan giving Amelia a kiss... That was Jordan's hat that she thought Amelia needed to wear! They were sooo cute together!

Playing with a baby doll!

Riding on Jordan's caterpillar!

Putting on play lipstick with the older girls.

Some future DG's that were there!! OK well maybe they won't all go DG, but maybe some of them will!

Abigail on a walk when I got home from the party!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Momma's gone and MeMe and Paw Paw came to visit!

Today I attended a baby shower for my friend Cathy Galloway in Mobile AL. (Hopefully I will have a pic soon to post on here of us.. send me a pic Cathy!!)
Daddy stayed home with the girls, and MeMe and Paw Paw came to visit from across the lake! I think they all had a good time. Abigail has been a grumpy bear lately.. she is getting her top two teeth... GRRRRR..... You never know when she will just have a melt down for NO reason!!!

Looks like she is up to no good with momma gone!!!
Abigail LOVES her Paw Paw!

Look at poor Neville!

Amelia LOVES her Me Me!

Look at that hair... Daddy could have at least put a bow in that crazy hair!!!!

Thanks MeMe and Paw Paw for coming today!! Come again soon! I know the girls enjoy you coming to play with them!! (I know Daddy probably enjoyed the help too! :)

Beautiful Baby Contest

Ok Regis and Kelly are having their annual beautiful baby contest. I know that we won't get picked for the top 10-- bc there are two NOT because they are not beautiful. I refuse to enter individual pic of them... just doesn't feel right. BUT I do want them to show their pic on TV!! How neat would that be!!! They had to have been taken in the last month... so which pic do you think I should mail in??

This one?
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Or this one?

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Grace Anne Parker

Today we finally got to go see Gretchen and Bill Parker's new baby. Gretchen and I were sorority sisters and roommates in college at University of Southern Mississippi. Brian and Bill have become good friends through the years. Bill is Amelia's godfather, and today Bill asked Brian to be Grace Anne's godfather. He is quite honored and excited about being her godfather!
Here are some pics of beautiful Grace Anne that was born on January 9, 2005. She was born at 9:18 P.M. and was 7 lbs. 12 oz. She is such a doll!!!!!
Not sure if I want to wake up!!

Ok I am awake now... your kids are LOUD!!!

Mom I LOVE Grace!!


Abigail is not too sure about Grace!

We are though! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Gretchen and Bill.....Thank you sooo much for letting us come visit all of you today! It was so good to visit with you!! See you again soon!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Amelia's Echocardiogram

Today Amelia had to have an echocardiogram done . She had a heart murmur when she was first born. They think it was an innocent one that would close on it's own. We had an echo done when she was very young, and they wanted to recheck it again at nine months. So we went today. Nana came over to stay with Abigail while we went with Amelia. She had to lie still for 30 minutes, so I was worried how that was going to work out. We brought a Wiggles video and the tech had a portable DVD player that she put on the bed next to her. She did GREAT!! We should know the results by Monday afternnon after the Dr. at Children's hospital reads it and relays the results to Dr. Gioe our peditrician.

Abigail telling Amelia Bye Bye.

Amelia just finished getting her echo.

New Shoes

Today Nana decided we needed to try on our new shoes.. We aren't too sure if we like them!! They sure are cute on though!!!

Amelia is trying to take off Abigail's shoes!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Play date day

Today was play date day!! Lilly was sick last week, so we were real excited she was all better today and could come play!! The girls are really starting to interact more. They are so cute all together. I know they are going to be the best of friends!

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The girls playing together on the floor.
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What a cutie!!! Thanks Lilly for coming to play with us today!
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We like playing in our room...most of the time...

We have been spending more time in the girls bedroom playing because they get tired of always being in the living room. I did have to put up a baby gate at their doorway so Abigail wouldn't escape down the hall.
Look closely Neville is on the other side... He wants to come in and play too!

Abigail thinks she is BIG stuff now!

Abigail pulls up on EVERYTHING including the diaper pail...YUCKY!!!

As always Amelia smiling for the camera...

As always Abigail with one of the dogs.


Amelia following after Abigail

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Addison's Christening

Today we went to our good friends Heather and Scott Ridell's christening for their baby Addison Faith. We barely made it there to see the actual christening. They have two children, and the oldest one is Emerson Claire. What beautiful children. Thanks for inviting us and sharing your special day with us!!!