Monday, June 30, 2008

Pumpkins in June?????

Last week we went to visit my cousins kiddos (Cole, Rita, and baby Justin) at my parents house. They were in Gulfport for the week so we went to go play. Nana and Pop had a suprise that had grown out of their compost pile...PUMPKINS! Yep in the middle of June... So Nana and Pop had been waiting for the girls to come over and harvest them. They all had so much fun!

Following pop to see what the suprise is....


(yes I made these dresses too!)

Pop, Cole and Abigail

Amelia doing a little song and dance as always....

Rita, Cole, Abigail and Amelia Counting the pumpkins. It's HEAVY! Cole has his. Rita carrying hers back to the house.
No idea what she was laughing about..but I love her face! Look at all the pumpkins! Amelia and Rita. Too bad I couldn't use the pumpkins for pumpkin patch pics in Oct..... I think these actually grew from some of pumpkins last year that were thrown in the compost pile. I have no idea what Nana and Pop did with the pumpkins but the kids sure did have fun with them!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Conner turns THREE

Conner also had a party the same day as Lilly's, so we came home took a bath (they were filthy!) took a quick nap and off to party number two for the day! I've completely decided that if it wasn't for our kiddos we wouldn't have near the social life! :) So sad, but true! They get invited to way more events than us! :)
We took a few pics before we left..

The party was at a local gymnastics place. The kids had a blast, and playing on all the equipment.

Conner the birthday boy and Abigail's boyfriend.

Baby Reese


The parents and kids had fun playing in the pits!

Thanks Conner for inviting for us to your party!!!!
We love ya!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lilly Kate's 3rd Birthday

The girls best friend since before birth (Jill and I got together pretty much once a week our enitre pg and conitnued after the girls were all born.) had her 3rd birthday last weekend.
They had an AWESOME Safari...with sounds, binoculars, blow up animals, and baloons. All the kids absolutely LOVED it!!!
Outside the Safari....
Amelia was HILARIOUS! She kept saying YIKES there's an elephant etc.
Conner loved it too!
Ellie-- Lilly's younger sister.
Amelia, Abigail, Elise and Ella....LOVED the Barbie jeep. All went well until the end of the party...check out those pics at the end!!!
Baby Reese Christy and Mary Frances. Lilly Kate The awesome cake! YUMMY! Lilly loved all the masks. Back in the Safari... Elise
After this pic we made the girs get out to let the other girls ride. WELL... things just went into melt down mode then. They both ended up in time out and this is what happened..... All Nicole and I could do is laugh and of course take pictures!!!!

Obviously they had a GREAT time and noone wanted to leave!! Happy birthday Lilly Kate!

WE love ya!