Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A christmas to remember

Wow what an amazing Christmas we had. It's the best one we have ever had. I can't even imagine how wonderful the next couple of years will be like.
Christmas morning we told the girls let's go see if Santa ate his cookies and see if he brought you any toys. THey both came RUNNING into the living room. They both imediately went to the plate that was empty. Abigail then throws herself on the ground and starts throwing a fit saying COOKIE PLEASE COOKIE!!! She was so upset that there were no cookies left for her to eat. After we started showing her all the toys and things santa left her she got over it. But later she still went back to the plate and asked for a cookie...so we had cookies at 8:00 in the morning..hey it was christmas I figured oh well!
Here are some of the TONS of pics I took Christmas morning.
Checking out the new doll furniture!
Aunt Kelli playing with the TMX elmo that she got each of the girls!

Pop made the girls a kitchen. They also got a TON of food and pots and pans. Thanks POPS the girls LOVE their kitchen!

Amelia LOVES her new baby that we gave her!

Abigail REALLY got into opening the gifts this year!!

Abigail feeding her baby. She LOVES to play with her new baby. They each got their OWN baby. They have never had anything that was specifically just theirs. Abigail's in pink and Amelia's is purple!

They LOVE their any where chairs. They lounge in them all the time!!! Also climb all over them, sit together, jump in them over them etc. It's one of the best gifts ever.


We hope you all had a VERY wonderful Christmas. WE sure did. We had a ton of blessings to count this year!!! We are more than doubly blessed.


Danielle said...

These are great pictures, and they make me so excited about the Christmases to come!

Melissa said...

I LOVE the kitchen!! We were going to order one for the boys, but the one we wanted was sold out. We are going to get it when it comes back in. They love the one at their friend's house!

Kirk & Matt said...

These are GREAT, Nikki! What an exciting day for everyone...I can't WAIT till next year. I'm so sorry Santa ate all the cookies though. :( Hahahaha.

The Hedrick Family said...

Looks like the girls had fun. The kitchen looks amazing!

Jill said...

Great pictures!! It looks like Amelia and Abigail were very good girls this year!!!

Chrissy Maestri said...

Your dad did a great job on the kitchen! They are going to LOVE it!! Mine have already spent hours cooking in theirs.