Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chase turned one

Chase's first birthday was a 2 weekends ago. They had a GREAT first birthday bash including a water slide, pools, Mr. Snoball man, and a swingset. The girls thought they were in heaven! They had a wonderful time playing in all the water!!

Chase the birthday boy enjoying his cake!
Check out my dare devil Abigail.......

Chase blowing out his candle.

Abigail enjoying ice cream.

Baby Luke as the girls still call him.

Check out my dare devil Amelia.......

Check out the dare devil Collins.......

Then he jumped in the pool with the kids.


There was a fan and this is what Amelia was doing. She thought she was a super model.

My sweet Abigail.

Amelia loved watching the bigger girls come down the slide.

What a cutie...Conner! Abigail still ADORES him!

Baby Reese

Cutie Taylor

And one of my monkeys looking for the monkey in the camera!


Michele said...

Those are such funny pictures, especiall Collins going down the slide and Amelia modeling in the fan!

I'm so glad the girls had a good time. I think Jalyn loved playing with them!

julie said...

She did. She told me that she wants to play with Amelia, Abigail, and Conner again.

Cute pics!

Melissa said...

Looks like fun!

The Hedrick Family said...

Those are great pics of the girls going down the slide. It looks like a blast.

Kirk & Matt said...

Looks like you have a couple of daredevils on your hands...and they'll only get braver!! Great pics, as usual, Nik.