Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daniels Bday party.

Ok I know it's been forever since I posted. It's been SUPER CRAZY here. I can't even BEGIN to tell you our schedule lately. I can say that it has caused me a week without sleep. Now we are back in to the swing of just normal crazy and life is good! :)
I will be playing catch up for a while....so bare with me. I want to get it all on here.....
A while back (not even sure how long ago..sorry Amy) We went to Daniel Burke's party at the Children's museum. The girls always love going there so of course everyone had a blast. I didn't get a ton of pics, bc I was there solo, but I did get a few.

Daniel the birthday boy... check out that cake!! Amy I still need her info!!!
Abigail, Amelia and Conner.
Amelia concentrating hard on this one.....
Let's get some groceries.
Look familar? IT's from Mr. Rogers. Oh and of course the King and Queen must fall in love and kiss.

Thought this was funny....ummm she was even pretending to wash her hands. Guess we do that ALOT!

Molly (Daniels ADORABLE cousin) and Judy Burke (Danie's grandmother)

Love this pic...She is concentrating so hard.

THanks Amy and Kelly for inviting us. We had a TON of fun!!!

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Bridget said...

Oh I loved Mr Rogers! I cried when he passed! So sad! Unfortunately, Libby hasn't gotten into that show... still, I put it on sometimes (using her as the excuse for doing so).