Sunday, May 16, 2010

Set up for the Little Ladies Louisiana Derby

The girls wanted a tea AND pony party for their fifth birthday . The only way I could think of to make sure that they were BOTH included was to have a Little Ladies Louisiana Derby themed party. This of course meant the party had to be at our house. Which means ALOT more work. We haven't done a party at our house since they turned one so we decided to go ahead and do it. This also meant a girls only party which is a first for us. I was really sad not to be able to have some of my friends kiddos over, but know that this is no longer about's completely about the girls! They loved having only girls their age here!

I have about a 1,000 pics from the party I'll break this up in numerous post..

Here is the set up....
Each girl had her own tea cup.

Sashes around each chair.

They love my BEAUTIFUL (as they call it) tea server!

We put different candy in vases for decoration and for them to take home as part of their party favor.

It was ALOT of work setting up, but it was soooo worth the girls reaction to it all!


Catherine said...

So so cute - you did a great job. Did you post the birthday invitations - you always have really great ones done?

NIKKI said...

I haven't posted it yet, but will!