Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The yuckies----

We have had the Yuckies at our house. The stomach bug has hit out house HARD!!!!! Sorry no pic updates....Brian even has it. I am the only one so far that doesn't have it....but I feel my time is coming soon!

Poor Amelia and Abigail have on top of a stomach bug an ear infection a piece and red throats. Since they couldn't keep anything down they had to get shots of antibotic yesterday!! Soon as we got home, Brian informs me he had a fever...... and it went down hill from there with him. He was up all night in the bathroom. I'm exhausted from the no sleep in the last couple of nights. I am hoping to get some tonight!!!!

Abigail also to top it off has her top two eye teeth coming in!

Hope your week has started off better than us!


Sumer said...

I hope everyone starts getting better soon!!!

Catherine said...

That stinks!!!
Hope everyone feels better!!

Michele said...

That really stinks! I sure hope you don't catch it!!

You can call me if you feel like venting, I totally understand!

steele family said...

We all had that over here two weeks ago, it is so hard having your babies that sick! Hope you all feel better soon.

Sherry said...

That sounds like whatever I hd a few weeks back - no fun!!! Get out the lysol!