Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Brady

We went to Brady's (my godson and Alicia's son) birthday party Saturday afternoon at Kips gymnastics in Hattiesburg. I can't believe he is THREE!! How handsome is he??
For those of you who have none me for a long time I coached gymnastics all through college and I actually worked at Kips for a couple of years. It was exciting to take my girls in to a gym to see if they liked it...they LOVED it. Mommy and Me classes for this summer here we come......
The Birthday boy...check out his cake...it's a cupcake cake....
Grace and Gretchen
Abigail CHOWING on cake! I think she might of liked it! :)
Grace monkeying around with George.
This is a big pit in Kips. Abigail IMEDIATELY crawled down in it. This is how the kids got out...
All the kids at our party...notice the birthday boy and Amelia no longer sitting.

Amelia playing with Grace.

Ok can I tell you how happy this moment made me? My fav in gymnastics has always been the beam..and I was also a beam coach. Abigail LOVED walking on it.
Look One hand!

They had a slide into the pit which the girls loved too!

Jumping on the tumble track.

I think they loved it. I hope we might have two gymnasts on our hands!!
Happy brithday Brady!
We love you!


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Michele said...

Yeah, I would say Abigail definitely liked the cake! :-)

Melissa said...

That place looks like a lot of fun and the cake is fabulous!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Brady! I looks like your party was so much fun!