Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dophin Cruise

We went on a dolphin cruise while we were at the beach. It wasn't quite what we expected, but we all had alot of fun! I didn't get any pics of the dolphins, bc we were too busy holding them so they wouldn't jump over the side of the boat! :) The entire boat was silent when we got to the dolphins...then Abigail starts yelling "Dolphin..where arrrrrrrrrre you????" Then they would both SCREAM when the dolphins would surface. Everyone on the boat definitely knew us by the time we got off of the boat! :)

Love this one of Ms. Abigail.

The whole family!

Amelia driving the boat.

Abigail driving the boat.

Ready for their daddy to buy a boat so they can ride on one all the time!

We had ice cream at the end of the night which just made the girls night the best night ever!!!


The Hedrick Family said...

Spectacular pictures. great family photo.

Michele said...

Looks like they had a blast!