Friday, September 07, 2007

Working at the Car Wash

A couple of weekends ago the girls helped Brian wash my car!! They had a BLAST!!!! They had more fun getting each other wet with the hose as you will see in the last couple of pictures!
We learned many things about washing the car for the first time.

You have to get the bubbles first!

Then wash the car.
Get more bubbles.

Wash again.

You have to scrub hard when mom doesn't get her car washed very often.

Spray yourself with the hose???

Spray someone else with the hose?

Get sprayed by the hose.

It's alot of fun to spray your sister with the hose.
Look MOM!!!!

She is dying laughing in this one!
Washing the car or maybe playing with the hose is SOOO much fun!!


Chrissy Maestri said...

Those are SO precious! Love it!!

Roberts Family Blog said...

You've got two great little helpers! Maybe they'll want to wash you car all the time