Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ok REALLY far behind, but want to get these things on the blog. It's been sooo wild here with evacuation and vacation, and sign ups for photo shoots!
On my birthday (almost 2 months ago)... we went to the Insectarium. It's new and this was the first time we went. We all LOVED it. Amelia was a little skeptical about all the bugs, but she still had alot of fun! They had some really neat things there!
Checking out some kind of bug.
This was GROOSE! They had a place where you could go under and stick your head in this bubble to see all the ROACHES!!!!!

A big worm!

Abigail riding on an Aligator she said was Claude from the Cajun Three Little Pigs.

Riding in a Pirogue.

You could touch some of the bugs...we mainly just looked! :)

Amelia listening to termites.

The groovy bug!

This was our FAVORITE part. They had a Butterfly garden!!! We are HUGE fans of Fancy Nancy and her new book Bonjour Butterfly , so the girls went NUTS in there with all of the butterflies flying around.

Check out this face!

We then went to Bubba Gumps to eat.

The girls and daddy had made me a birthday cake the night before as a suprise while I was gone to a meeting!
The girls showing me my birthday present outside!

It was a bird bath! We feed the birds and every morning we love watching the birds during breakfast.

Amelia made the birds a bed and chair with the rocks.

Thanks Brian I had a WONDERFUL birthday!!!! Ya'll all made the day so much fun and memorable! I love ya!


Bridget said...

Oh I so could not do the roach thing! ICKY! I would really have a panic attack looking at them crawling around. ugh! (shivers)

steele family said...

You are much braver than me. I could never get myself in there!

Happy Birthday!!!