Saturday, September 20, 2008

Letters for bows

Alot of people have asked where we got these? It is a pony tail holder that you can wrap around the bows. It is GREAT, bc you can move it to whatever bow you want! You can also just use it as a ponytail holder. A friend of a friends sells these to help raise money to adopt a little girl from china. They are only $6.00!!!! What great birthday and Christmas presents. Check it out and help her out!
Click HERE


Nikki said...

Thanks for sharing the link. I went and got one for little Maison. Too cute.

Mrs. Stringer said...

Thank you so much for advertising for us. I have sold two so far. We have an exchange student from China with us right now. She is such a joy. She is from Qingdao which is where Mary Payton went for treatment.

Thanks again,