Sunday, March 11, 2007

Super Shower Weekend 2007

This past weekend was Super Shower Weekend 2007!! It was crazy busy and exhausting but SO MUCH FUN!!!
We had three showers, a crawfish boil, and the metarie St. Patrick's day parade.
Everyone flew in from all over the country to have showers for Alyson Blum Ogles, Amanda Frazier and Becky Kreiger. Alyson is pregnant with her first little baby. Amanda and Becky will very soon be brides.
It was sooo much fun to have you all in town!!! I haven't laughed so much in one weekend in a VERY long time!
I had a blast at the crawfish boil last night and at the parade today!
Can't wait until Amanda's wedding to see all of you all together again!!


Danielle said...

What a blast from the past seeing all those shiny happy DG faces! Congrats to Alyson, Amanda, and Becky!

Sherry said...

It was a shower weekend! I had two baby showers this weekend! Must've been all the pretty weather that put people in a good mood!

Michele said...

Souns like you had a GREAT weekend!

Kirk & Matt said...

It's so good to see all the DG's together. We should plan a big reunion soon. Congrats to Amanda, Alyson and Becky!