Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pizza Time

The other night we made pizza with the girls. They got to help do everything!!
They had a ton of fun.

Abigail helping smash out the dough.

Amelia helping.

Working together!

Caught in the know where that is going.....

Yep straight to the mouth! I guess a good cook taste everything!

It's good Mom!

They helped put on the sauce, onions, and mushrooms. They are putting on the cheese here.

Abigail tasting again!

They loved watching it cook!

After a clothing change--- they got to sit down and eat the pizza. Amelia LOVED it. Abigail wasn't too sure about it. Maybe she got to full tasting it while we were making it! :)


Michele said...

What a FUN idea!

Chrissy Maestri said...

These are cute...looks like the girls had so much fun with that!!

Stacy said...

I can't believe how grown-up the girls look! It looks like they had a blast!

Melissa said...

We just made pizza tonight! I think the boys would do it every night if they could. They eat a whole pizza by themselves. They only like cheese on it though. A friend just told me that she purees vegetables and adds it to the tomato sauce, so I think I will have to try that.Cute pictures!