Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Play group Halloween Party

The other day Heather had a party for Madison for Hallowen and invited the whole play group to come play at their house. She rented a space walk and everything!!

The girls had soooo much fun!!! Thanks for inviting us Heather and Madison!!!

On the way to school before the party.

She had cookies for the kids to decorate themselves.

Celclia AKA tinkerbell enjoying her cookie!

Caroline loving her cookie with ALOT of sprinkles!

Check out her feet.
Simon, Stockton, Caroline, Abigail and Amelia all enjoying their cookies.

Little Ms. Elle

This is what Caroline did when I told her to smile!

Ms. Madison!!

Conner AKA the pirate and Abigail's boyfriend!!

Luke not to sure about all the crazy kids in the space walk!

Mid air action shot of I think Alex and Amelia.

Another mid air shot!

Chase...AKA Elvis!

Another Amelia..isn't she a cutie!

Our new friends Amelia and Isabella!


Melissa said...

I love their dresses!!

Michele said...

Happy Halloween!

Bickers Family said...

Those pictures are SOOO cute! Looks like a ton of fun!!

Roberts Family Blog said...

It looks like they had a great time!