Thursday, November 08, 2007

ER visit and a VERY emotional day!

Today was defintiely one of the scariest days I have had!
This morning I was on my way out the door to take pictures I hear a loud crash. Brian had put his coffee cup in between the girls while they were sitting at the table for breakfast. They both went to grab it (which is VERY unusual they know they can't touch his cup!) and knocked it off of the table. Brian went to pull back Abigail's chair quickly before the coffee went all over it and Abigail dumped out of it forward straight on her face onto the broken coffee cup. Brian scooped her up and we knew imediately she had to go to the ER. I ran around Ithink for a few minutes like a chicken with my head cut off along with my mom. We then got in the car with Brian sitting in Amelia's car seat next to Abigail helping hold a towel on her face. I called my first three appointments crying telling them I was going to have to reschedule.
Once in the ER we had to hold a numbing solution on her face for 45 minutes and then they kicked me out of the room ( I couldn't handle it!) They had to wrap a sheet around her to pretty much straight jacket her and then had to clean it and then give her a shot to numb it the rest of the way. Then they gave her FOUR stitches! Yes my baby has four stitches in her cheek !! I can't believe one of my babies needed stitches before she was three!!! She was screaming pretty bad and telling the Dr. to "Stop it right now..I am leaving...I am finished!!!" Along with yelling for me which was heart wrenching!!
While we were waiting for the Dr. to come in and stitch her up I asked her if she wanted to go get ice cream. She told me no that she wanted Choclate Cake! We knew she would be OK then!! That was definitely an Abigail comment. We went straight to the store to get cake mix for her to make cupcakes with Nana and Amelia when she got home. Thank god Nana had come over to watch the girls today...Amelia stayed busy with her so she wouldn't be so concerned with Abigail being gone. (she was pretty upset with all the blood and drama as we were going out the door!)

Here are some pics of Abigail this evening.

Eating her choclate cupcake and showing us where her bo-bo is!

YUMMMY! Choclate Cake!

In pretty good spirits!

Here's my poor babies stitches. We get them taken out in 5 days...I am SURE that is going to be tramatic after everything she went through today!!!!

Amelia wanted me to take a pic of her too!

This was soon after they got into an argument at dinner tonight over who broke Daddy's cup!

I think Daddy is getting a coffee cup for Christmas!


Sumer said...

Poor little hunny!!!!

Catherine said...

Poor Abigail.
I hate you guys had to go through this - you even made me cry when I read it (the part about her calling for you)!!

Bickers Family said...

Oh my goodness! She sure is a trooper :) My heart sank reading this. I hope she feels better soon!!

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry!! I hated when my boys had to go to the ER - all the times we've gone so far - loll!

Be glad she go the stiches. Nicky's glue came off the next day :( Whe Alex had stiches it was so much easier to care for.

Hope she is feeling better and heals fast!

Michele said...

Oh NO!!! Poor Abigail. I'm glad the chocolate cake seemed to do the trick :-)

Andi said...

Poor baby!! Hope she gets better very soon! I know exactly how you felt. Brady was 22 months when we had our first set of stitches (yes,I said first). He fell leaving church and split his forehead open..he had to get 9 stitches right down the middle of his forehead. He's had stitches 2 other times and dermabond once since then....All of these before 3 1/2! Shortly before Hudson's 2nd birthday he fell in our shower and had to get 3 stitches in the back of his head. I was completely histerical the first and probably the 2nd time, but I must say after that I was a "pro". I just hope Ella spares us frequent trips to the ER!