Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Feast

The girls had a Thanksgiving feast at their school the Friday the week before Thanksgiving. We were invited to come so Brian and I both went. It was really cute! They even had turkey sandwiches as their main course!
The girls are at a new school this year and it's actually our second school of the year. We only made it for less than a month at the first one. We are ALL very happy with their new school and LOVE their teachers and the school in general. It was a pretty stressful thing for me to not be able to find the perfect school for them at first ! Now they are definitely at a perfect school!!!

Shaking their tail feathers.

Daddy reading to us.
Amelia eating our turkey cookies we made.

Daddy being the indian.

Amelia being an indian.

The class of little indians. Aren't they cute???


The Hedrick Family said...

Cute little indians!!!!!!! I love the cookies. I hope the kiddos did too.

Melissa said...

Their outfits are so cute!! The whole class is just adorable :0)