Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree......

I used to have a christmas tree in my bedroom growing up, so last year I started the tradition with the girls. The other afternoon we took some time off from working and put the girls tree up and let them decorate it. Each morning the first thing they want us to do is plug in the lights and they want them on at night when they go to sleep. It's so sweet and such a warm feeling for me b/c I used to go to sleep with the lights on my tree on too! They got VERY excited to decorate their tree!

I tried getting a little of a close up of Abigail so you could see her face.... her cut is healing nicely! She's definitely going to have a mark for a while, but we are doing the Mederma to help minimize scaring!

Amelia excited to start decorating!

The elmo garland.
The hannah ornaments!

Sisterly love.
Their precious tree!!!


Bridget said...

That is such a sweet idea!

Bickers Family said...

Great idea!!! Where did you go to get the tutu's?? I am thinking about getting my daughter one for Christmas!

NIKKI said...

Thanks! I got their Tu Tu's on ebay! Their are a ton of them on there....have fun looking!!! :)