Saturday, December 17, 2005


Today I gave Brian his Christmas present early. It is also an early 5 year anniversary present. (Our anniversary is January 13th.) NaNa and Grandpa Joe were here for an afternoon visit today, so they wathced the girls while I took Brian to go get his suprise present. Good friends of ours Michele and Shane McCarthy kept it at their house for us. He had no clue where we were giong, and I think he was quite stunned when we got there. He has wanted a leather chair for a long time now! So here is Brian and the girls sitting in his new chair for the first time!!


Melissa said...

He looks pretty happy! Frank got his present early too. I had to give it to him when it came because the return policy was within 10 days! I had no idea and was going to put it in the closet until I read that. I got him a PDA he has been wanting. He's been playing with it nonstop :-) Then I got him a few small things too. He ended up giving me my big gift too - Wofgang Puck 16 pc. Cookware set from BJs! Needed it to cook for Thanksgiving - he melted the coating on my Calphalon pot from cooking too high! Wow this turned out long - sorry!

Michele said...

Looks like everyone is enjoying the new chair!