Wednesday, December 21, 2005

We got to see Addison...... And We have a Silly dog!!!

Today we made it over to see Heather and Scott Riddell's new baby Addison. The girls were pretty cranky so we didn't stay too long. Addison is absolutely adorable!! Amelia and Abigail were very interested in Addison every time she cried or was making sounds. Emerson was at school today, so we didn't get to see her. I know our girls are going to grow up to be good friends!!

After dinner time the girls were watching their Baby Einstein video and Gryffin decided to join in with them! Silly dog!!


Melissa said...

Our boys love Baby Einstein, we have all of the DVDs, including the Little Einstein DVD (for preschoolers). Max still loves Baby Einstein at age 3. I think they are a great investment. He likes the bonus material on some of the newer DVDs that he can look at on his computer. We have some of the puppets too and they love those!

Shane McCarthy said...

Griphon is such a pimp. He's just chillin with his two sisters. Neville was probably bouncing on something or licking something