Sunday, December 18, 2005


The girls turned eight months old today. The time flies REALLY fast when having twins. I guess it flies fast for everyone, but I just sometimes feel the time is slipping away too fast. I wish I could spend more individual time with each of them, and worry sometimes that they don't get enough individual one on one time with each of us.

I know I probably will always struggle with the balancing of time, but right now it is extremely hard. We really want them to grow up as individuals and not just as the Spreen twins. Their personalities are really emerging and they are just a mess most days!! Every day it is something new as you can tell... I have something to post everyday, and probably could post a ton more. They are learning new skills every day.

Abigail can pick up Cheerios VERY well and is getting closer to mastering the pincer grasp. She is up on all fours rocking and will soon be crawling. She does what we call the military crawl... she can get anywhere she wants to by pulling herslf up on her elbows and pulling. She also rolls to get to things. She really likes the christmas bows on packages.

Amelia is also getting better at eating Cheerios and LOVES every kind of baby food you give her. She is impatient about food, and wants it NOW!!!! She is also up on all fours, but has her legs frogged in the back. Tonight for the first time she was picking up her hands and knees, but was moving backwards until she backed herself into the christmas packages and couldn't move anymore. She loves to talk and babble all day! She also LOVES music!!


Melissa said...

I can't believe how big they look in that chair now! I worry about the amount of individual time our twins get too. Especially since Max got 20 months of nothing but one on one time with mommy and daddy. The twins have never had that, well Nicky did when we went to the ER that time he flipped over in his high chair... :-) I wouldn't worry that much. They have something so special that so many people never get to share and we will never understand, even as mothers of twins.

NIKKI said...

Thanks for that. I do need to remember what they have is special, and you are right we will never understand it even as there mothers. Thank god for friends like you that understand raising twins, and can remind me of how special they really are!!!