Saturday, January 07, 2006

Crop Night

We have a new scrapbook store in town!! (Scrappily Ever After) I am new at this whole scrapbooking thing, and have a hard time with deciding what I want to do. I have finally decided to do one book for each girl for Christmas and their Brithdays. I will just add to it each year. They had what is called a crop night at the store last night from 5-11. My friends Jill and Chrissy met me there to work on their scrapbooks. We are all kind of new at this so it's great to learn together. I was there the whole time starting on the girls Christmas books. I didn't get too much done.... It took me the first hour just to sort through and organize our Christmas pictures... I know I take too many pictures, but I can't help it!! Then I just didn't know where to start. We had a GREAT time!!
Thanks Chrissy and Jill for coming.. I had a great time talking and working on the scrapbooks!
This is what I got done last night, and one other page....

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Melissa said...

They look great. We used to keep up with our photo album. Max has his own album (it is only up to when he is 4 mos old). The boys all have their own baby book. Now all of our photo albums are way behind. I keep saying I'm going to catch up, but I don't know when that will be! Did you ever find twin scrapbooking things? I did find a link for twin stickers I have to find it again for you.