Thursday, January 26, 2006

Amelia's Echocardiogram

Today Amelia had to have an echocardiogram done . She had a heart murmur when she was first born. They think it was an innocent one that would close on it's own. We had an echo done when she was very young, and they wanted to recheck it again at nine months. So we went today. Nana came over to stay with Abigail while we went with Amelia. She had to lie still for 30 minutes, so I was worried how that was going to work out. We brought a Wiggles video and the tech had a portable DVD player that she put on the bed next to her. She did GREAT!! We should know the results by Monday afternnon after the Dr. at Children's hospital reads it and relays the results to Dr. Gioe our peditrician.

Abigail telling Amelia Bye Bye.

Amelia just finished getting her echo.


Melissa said...

We hope everything turns out ok with her echo. She did a great job lying still! Not sure mine would have done so well :-)

Michele said...

Be sure to keep me posted on the results!

The Hedrick Family said...

I am glad Amelia did a great job! Hope everything turns out good! Miss you guys!