Sunday, January 22, 2006

Our Sweethearts

Here are some pics of the girls all dressed up today for the christening. They are in their valentine's dresses... wanted to get some wear out of them so we wore them today! ( I sewed one, my mom sewed the other last night after the girls went to bed while we were at the shower!)

Sweet Abigail

Adorable Amelia

Supermodel Abigail

BIG stuff Abigail pulling up on the Riddell's furniture.

Amelia playing with her toys.


Melissa said...

Cute dresses!

The Hedrick Family said...

I love the dresses. Good job making them! Can't wait until the girls can play again!

Sumer said...

The dresses are adorable!!! I wish it was easier to dress a boy for Valentine's Day!