Saturday, January 28, 2006

Momma's gone and MeMe and Paw Paw came to visit!

Today I attended a baby shower for my friend Cathy Galloway in Mobile AL. (Hopefully I will have a pic soon to post on here of us.. send me a pic Cathy!!)
Daddy stayed home with the girls, and MeMe and Paw Paw came to visit from across the lake! I think they all had a good time. Abigail has been a grumpy bear lately.. she is getting her top two teeth... GRRRRR..... You never know when she will just have a melt down for NO reason!!!

Looks like she is up to no good with momma gone!!!
Abigail LOVES her Paw Paw!

Look at poor Neville!

Amelia LOVES her Me Me!

Look at that hair... Daddy could have at least put a bow in that crazy hair!!!!

Thanks MeMe and Paw Paw for coming today!! Come again soon! I know the girls enjoy you coming to play with them!! (I know Daddy probably enjoyed the help too! :)


Michele said...

I love Amelia's hair!

Sumer said...

We have matching couches.

Melissa said...

Hyland's teething tablets are good for when those teeth are really bothering them. They dossolve right in their mouth. I found them at the grocery store. I usually don't like homeopathic stuff, but everyone recommended them and they did work on all of my kids, better than Tylenol or Motrin.