Saturday, May 26, 2007

Amanda's now a MRS.

Amanda was my gran lil sis in Delta Gamma. We went to her and Kelly's wedding last weekend in Jackson. Brian and I had a BLAST, and the girls had a blast with Nana!

(Thanks Nana for wathcing the girls for us!!)

Amanda was absolutely glowing!! She was a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!

Ya'll make such a beautiful couple!

Cutting of the grooms cake!

Shannon having some fun dancing!

Amanda and her new nieces.

Here is Shannon, Kendal the flower girl and Amanda..

Ms. Sandy (Shannon's mom) took some amazing pics that day while they were all getting ready.... So most of the rest of these are her pictures.

Kendal couting the Kendal's in the mirror.
Shannon, Ross, Brian and I.

The happy groom and bride on their way to their honeymoon. I hope you both had alot of fun on your honeymoon and can't wait to see the pictures you took with your new camera.
I agree you should start a blog now!!!!


Danielle said...

Congratulations, Amanda! You look beautiful in the pictures!

Melissa said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding! I love the picture of Kendal counting herself in the mirrors.

NIKKI said...

Ms. Sandy got that pic of Kendal. I LOVE it to!!