Sunday, May 13, 2007


Happy Mother's day to all you mothers and ESPECIALLY to Nana and MeMe. My day started out with my two little monkey's waking me up with flowers, cards, and a present.
I have such an amazing family! Thank you honey for making this Mother's day a VERY special day for me!! My dreams have truly all come true... an amazing husband and two beautiful children here on earth that are the light of my life!
On mother's day I always think of the three special little one's that I lost. They all still hold a very special place in my heart!
I love ALL of you VERY much!

My FAVORITE!!! Gerber Daisies!!!

Here is the beautiful present Brian and the girls gave is a Mother's braclet.
Thank you I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!
After breakfast we headed for a relaxing morning at the lakefront. Along came my camera and I got some great shots!
Hang in there...there are quite a few, but some REALLY funny ones at the end!

My mom and dad came over to spend the afternoon with us and to have dinner with us!

After nap time the girls went swimming and then the girls played with Nana in the sand box while daddy grilled us a YUMMY dinner!
Thanks Nana and Pop for coming over today! We had fun!

We made yummy milky way ice cream.....

While waiting on the ice cream to finish I let the girls play in the puddles in their boots from Aunt Char....thanks again Charlotte...they had a BLAST in them as you can see....

I love their reflections in this one!

They soon found a BIG muddy puddle to play in...

Dance and splash in....

And YEP SIT IN!!!!!

I guess it's good that I don't care if my kids get dirty??

This outfit went straight into the washing machine!!!

Again hope all you Mothers out there had a WONDERFUL mother's day!
To those of you having your first mother's gets better and better each year!
To those expecting you have an amazing journey ahead of you!

My heart ESPECIALLY goes out to those of you who have lost your little one's and don't have one here on earth yet. I've been there and that was one of the roughest days for me. You are a mother and don't let anyone tell you differently!! Sending you HUGE HUGS!!


Kirk & Matt said...

Happy Mother's Day Nikki! We truly are all blessed, aren't we? Today's photos are precious.

steele family said...

Happy Mother's Day Nikki, I too said a special prayer for all of those mommies that have babies in heaven last night. Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Michele said...

Cute Pics...Happy Mother's Day!

Melissa said...

Great pictures! I loved mud puddles too as a kid :-) That's what Shout is for...
Hope you had a wonderful day!! I love the bracelet. Good job Brian!!