Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tea Time

Shannon was in town this morning so we got the girls together to play. It was raining outside so we decided to have a tea party inside. They were so funny together. There were a few little disagreements on who should have the tea pot. There are many disagreements in my house EVERY day over who should have what, but when you add a third toddler things get REAL interesting!

The tea party begins.

Kayden joined in the fun!

Amelia with her tea and snack!


I doln't remember what was so funny here to grab all of their attention.

All four of them looking (I realize none of them are smiling, but hey all four lookings not that bad!)

Kayden..Mr. Man!

Abigail LOVED playing tea party!!


Michele said...

Oh, I'm so glad the dresses fit!

NIKKI said...

They are precious in them! Thanks so much!

Melissa said...

How cute!!

The Hedrick Family said...

My kids had a blast. Thanks again for coming to visit us.