Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fountains Bubbles and Smiles

I took my girls down to the Landing to do a photo shoot. (I hardly ever do that with my own kiddos!) Here are some of the ones I got. Amelia wasn't too cooperative until we got to the fountain...then check them out!

Catching bubbles!

Daddy splashed them!


Being a photographer these are always some of my favorite.As you all know our first christmas card was their naked hinneys, along with the other times I have taken them.
This will probably be the last time you will see my kiddos naked hinneys!
They are two now and Brian says that's old enough.

Ms. Priss!


Catherine said...

These are great!
That's funny - Lance told me at about 6 months that I had to stop taking picture of Jacob when he is naked. I love the naked behind shots.

Jill said...

Those pics are great! I love the ones where they are in the fountain.

The Hedrick Family said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures.

Sherry said...

Beautiful pictures with a gret background. You are always so creative with where you take your pictures!