Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So can you guess who jumped in the pool besides Amelia and Abigail????
No Brian wasn't planning on swimming today, but Abigail had other plans!
It's a long story, but one worth reading!
Did I tell you the reason why we are doing swimming lessons? My kids have NO fear of the water and they scare me all the time! Ms. Meredith told me yesterday that almost all of her two year olds cry alot of the first week. Not my two.....
She tells them they have to sit on the top step in the pool (look at the pics from yesterday that they are sitting in the water on the step!) Well today Abigail was getting brave and stepping down onto the second and third step while Ms. Meredith was working with Amelia. She wasn't paying attention and she stepped off of the thrid step which put her way over her head. Can I tell you not a sound was made. I definitely know now how kids drown so quickly. Ms. Meredith was still 15 feet away with Amelia in her hands so she couldn't dive and swim like crazy..the life gaurd was too busy gaucking at the teens laying out, so Brian RAN and jumped in. (I think he's going to have to get a new cell phone tomorrow!) She came up and cried, but didn't even start coughing or sputtering!! She had held her breath!!!!!! I was soooo amazed. She was even trying to swim to the surface!!! Brian handed her back to Ms. MEredith and she was ready to go again! She is one crazy swimming girl that is going to give me a heart attack!!!
To top it off at the end of the lesson...Amelia jumped in when she wasn't supposed to!! Thank god Ms. Meredith was right there so she just scooped her up!!!
They are going to scare me to death!!!

Today they had fun jumping in the pool and swimming!
Yes that is Brian without his shirt on in the backround after he saved Abigail!

Ms. Meredith made them move to the VERY top step to wait for her now!!

Playing with Ms. Meredith in the fountain at the end!!!

I think we have two swimmers on our hands!!!!!


The Hedrick Family said...

Brian looks hot!!!!!!! What a great lifeguard he makes!

Sumer said...

Who is that sexy hunk in the back of the 1st picture????

Danielle said...

Looks like so much fun!

Melissa said...

Way to go Brian! These twins keep you on your toes don't they? Nicky went under in our pool already and it is only chest deep for them. He slipped back and couldn't get his footing to get back up, Frank had to jump in really quick to get him upright. Nicky held his breath too! Must be instinctual. The girls look like they love swimming!!