Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Na Na's Birthday

I never got a chance to post these. A couple of weeks ago my mom came over to help me get stuff ready for the Mom's of Multiple's garage sale. It was was her birthday so we had to make her cupcakes. I let the girls do EVERYTHING! I thought my mom was going to die laughing!! See my mom didn't let me even really "help" cook when I was a child or teenager. She has ALWAYS taken the spoon away from me or my sister if we were even helping stir. I didn't know how to cook hardly anything when Brian and I got married. I decided that I want my girls to be able to cook EVERYTHING when they get married. They make a HUGE mess, but it really is kind of funny and a GREAT learning experience for them!! Nana told me that hey I learned something from let my kids cook! She sure did have a good time laughing at them! NaNa hope you had a GREAT bithday!

I didn't get pics of them while mixing...It's too hard to take pics of that while I am handing them everything. Notice how clean they are....

Nana let them lick the beater.


Here is the cupcake Abigail was putting the batter in.

Here is what she looked like!

Amelia had a COMPLETE melt down when they went in the oven. It was pretty funny!

The girls sang Happy Birthday to Nana.

After a change of clothes we really enjoyed the cupcakes!


The Hedrick Family said...

It is so sad to put the cupcakes in the oven when the batter tastes so good.

Chrissy Maestri said...

It's so hard for me to take pictures of the kids helping me cook. They know the second I turn my back...and God knows what'll happen then!!! :)

steele family said...

I love that pouty face, so cute!

Michele said...

Oh those are too cute! Why was she so upset when they went into the oven?