Saturday, June 30, 2007

Last Three days of Swimming lessons

OK so I took ALOT (I think close to 1,000) during swimming lessons. The girls learned sooo much! I HIGHLY reccomened this swim instuctor (of course Shannon you are still the best!) They both learned to kick their legs and move their arms under water, learned to jump in and swim to the top, blow bubbles, hold their breath under water, swim to the edge of the pool and pull them selves out of the water on the edge, and swim under water come up for air and then go back under! Meredith said that they did EXCELLENT for two year olds and did way more things than any other two year olds she has had in the past! I think I have to fish on my hands! I will post some videos soon!
There are the quite a few, but it's not all 1,000! :)


Chrissy Maestri said...

Super cute!! Love those bellies!! :)

The Hedrick Family said...

Amazing pictures. I am so glad the girls did such a great job in their swim lesson.

Michele said...

Those were some good action pics! Looks like they had a lot of fun!