Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy's day!

We started this morning off with waking Daddy up with cards and a gift. Brian is VERY difficult to buy for because he doesn't want anything but a boat! :)
I asked him to give me specifics this year!!!! He wanted a light for his grill, so that is what he got!
Brian is such an amazing Daddy and husband to me!!! Thanks for everything you do for us Brian! All three of your girls absolutely adore you!! You are one of the very best dad's I have ever known!!! I truly hope you enjoyed your father's day of just hanging out!
Brian wanted to go get doughnuts for breakfast with the girls. They got chocolate milk for the first time...boy they LOVED it. Abigail even quit eating doughnuts to just drink her "yummy chocolate milk!"

This face says it all!!!!


Melissa said...

My boys love chocolate milk! They call it bunny milk because we drink Quick with the bunny on the label.

Michele said...

Happy Father's Day, Brian!!